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Searching for an old photograph? What if you’re looking for a disc containing a top-secret info that could lead to your promotion? Let our best drawers take care of your belongings, so you won’t be in panic mode most of the time.

South Shore Drawer

Afraid that your drawer might suddenly slide and spill your belongings, if you pull it too far? Replace it with South Shore Libra Collection Three-Drawer Chest.

This drawer is composed of dampers and stops that allow you to open it only at a certain extent, to prevent you from accidentally spilling your belongings and destroying those that are breakable. Plus, it has rounded corners that won’t hurt your skin.

This 58-pound product measures 31 inches long, 28 inches wide, and 16 inches thick. Choose from chocolate, maple, royal cherry, solid black, and white colors.


Looking for an important item but in a hurry? Go for a STERILITE 29308001 Wide Three-Drawer Cart With Clear Drawers and Black Casters.

With this drawer’s crystal-clear containers, you won’t have trouble locating a significant valuable, especially if you’re in a rush because you’re about to do an urgent task afterwards. Moreover, it has casters to help you easily transfer your things to different places.

This 11-pound product also has ergonomic handles to help you conveniently open or close it, without having to worry about sliding, or slipping.

Seville Classics Drawer

Do you have too many valuables in your cabinets? It’s time you transfer them to Seville Classics 10-Drawer Organizer Cart.

This drawer consists of 10 separate compartments that are neatly arranged from top to bottom, to help you sort out all your valuables according to their usage. As a result, you no longer need to put them all in a single place, where you still need to dig when searching for something.

This 10.6-pound product also has casters for easy transportation. Take your pick from four varying colors – black, forested white, multi-color, and pearlized multi-color.

What to Look For

Misplacing your things can be a huge problem if they’re only piled on top of one another. To prevent this from happening, you have to put them in a drawer with the following components.

  • Round Corners – A drawer should have round corners to protect your skin against accidental piercing. There are instances wherein you accidentally bump or put your fingers on the edge of your drawers, so it’s important that your drawer’s corners are curved to help you avoid bruising yourself.
  • Multiple Compartments – If you have a lot of things in your bedroom or office, choose a drawer that has multiple compartments. Others come in three, five, and ten, depending on your preference. Doing so helps you organize your things instead of dumping them all in one place.
  • Casters – If you’re someone who loves to travel, get a drawer that’s equipped with casters to help you comfortably roll your things away. You could also go for something that has removable compartments to help you easily take only those important stuff, if you don’t want to take all of your belongings.


Purchasing a drawer with round corners, multiple compartments, and casters, puts order and accessibility to your valuables, whenever you need them.

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