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Doormat, as the name goes, it is usually found in front of a door. This item is one way or the other, the first object that will define your home as it is placed in the entrance of your house or apartment.It is commonly shaped as a rectangle and people use it by wiping or scrubbing off the soles of their shoes in order to get rid of dust and dirt before getting inside a home. The material used in creating door mats are typically those that are made from durable, tough and long lasting substance like coir, palmyra or palm fibers and stalks, rubber, aluminum, nylon and other metals. Because of the area where it is placed, it is seldom called as a welcome mat and the word welcome is written on it. But due to modernization and trends, door mats have now evolved to acquire unique designs and patterns for a themed and welcome feel. Some homeowners purchase a door mat with cartoon characters or humorous message written on it. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a doormat, you may pick out a design that matches your personality or you can opt for a mat with the same motif as your home but it is important to keep in mind the use of the door mat to effectively remove dirt or grime stuck in you or your visitors footwear before entering your fine home. Choosing the best door mat can help you reduce cost in replacing or cleaning damaged floors due to debris and dirt dragged in by guests or family members.

Masterpiece Home Stones Door Mat, 18-Inch by 30-Inch

Treat yourself with an eco-friendly doormat from Masterpiece Home Stones Door Mat. This unique mat is made in the U.S.A from a heavy-duty recycled rubber, plastic bottles and old scrap tires that will make as a wonderful gift or display inside or outside your home. It features a flocked fiber surface in lovely and full-color design saying the word home. Its patterns It is carefully designed with deep channels, molded and constructed to trap dirt and scrape the soles of your footwear clean. The material is also made to resist stain to last for several uses.

This door mat is the most popular one on the list because it is made of exceptional value and ultimately ideal for garage entry, mudroom, or from both sides of an entry door. It is capable of absorbing liquid and trapping debris to keep your floor clean, dry and prevent scratches and damages due to pieces of sand and dirt being dragged inside. During inclement weather, this door mat is perfect in removing muds and other dry or wet particles under your feet. As far as measurements go, this one has a dimension of 0.5 by 30 by 18 inches.

Kempf Water Retainer Mat

Available in four colors brown, black, blue and green, the Kempf Water Retainer Door Mat is perfect for indoor or outdoor use, especially in high traffic areas. Why settle for just one when they are offered at such a convenient price. Well made and nicely colored this item also provides great features. It is capable of holding up to the dry and wet season and effective in reducing mud tracks or dirt dragged inside the house. See the trapped debris by simply flipping over the mat. The grooves really hold a lot without even showing the outer appearance of the mat. The backing is also well designed to hold onto a carpet or hard floor for non-slippage.
They are study and slim in the structure that no weather stripping can pick them up anytime and anywhere around the house. Additionally, they absorb up to 1.5 gallons of water and can also be utilized as a mat under a pet water or food bowl. Please yourself with the quality of this product, ideal to be placed in front of a standard sized doorstep measuring 30 by 18 by 0.8 inches and with nice looking designs. This water retainer mat is truly great for all seasons made of durable and heavy duty rubber backing that can last you for up to months to come.

Kempf Go Away doormat

Kempf Go Away Doormat, 16 by 27 by 1-Inch

Replace your door mat that is simply not doing the job with the Kempf Go Away doormat. It measures 16 by 27 by 1 inch and made of fabric from 100% natural coconut fibers. The Go Away inked design is imprinted deep within the coco fibers to ensure its long lasting durability and usability, Place it anywhere in your house or make the most of your entrance with this environment-friendly product. This mat is tested and proven not to show any signs of wear and tear for years and handles any heat, rain storm, heavy snow and other weather conditions.

This item is also easy to clean and definitely does a good job in getting sand, dirt and other debris that can potentially damage your floor. If you are one not comfortable with facing any people or entertaining guests then let this door mat do the talking. It traps dirt and increases its appeal to any homeowners lovely porch. The fibers designed and weaved under the bottom of the mat in order to have no synthetic rubber backing that is why water is easily drained through this mat.

DII 18-Inch-by-30-Inch Coir Fiber Door Mat

This DII door mat is available in a variety of cute designs and colorful styles for an easy choice in looking for the ideal mat that will look good on your doorstep. Plus, you can swap for a different style in the same quality all year round. This product is made of 100% natural coconut coir fiber which is simply and easy to care with just a briskly shake or wash with running water from a hose or faucet then it will be good as new. This item has a dimension of 18 by 30 inches and is .05 inch thick in order for your door to easily slide or pass over it without getting stuck. It also has a vinyl backing to prevent slipping and accidents and can fit no matter what type of entrance you

This item can also be an ideal gift because of its bright colors that will suit any home who will surely be eager to show off this new door mat and help keep their new floors clean from footprints and other debris. This product also go along every holiday and you can place it on a patio, garage, laundry room, entryway and absolutely anywhere there is high traffic from outside.

Kempf Natural Coco Coir Door Mat

Kempf presents another doormat made of natural coco coir which is more on the simple and classic side because of its plain look and traditional design. It is also a customizable mat that you can craft or paint on when desired. This product is offered at a great price so you are likely to purchase more than one. This door mat is made of good quality and 100% coconut fiber at 18 by 30 inch in dimension. Additionally, this door mat can be used for all seasons. If you live in a windy area this mat is capable of staying put on your porch all day long due to its holding design and the weight of the mat as

It is also environment-friendly and contains no damaging PVC and 100% biodegradable because when they become worn our or unusable, they can easily be disposed of in a compost pile. You can also buy and place two at your doorstep to ensure that there will be no dirt or debris dragged inside your home. All in all, this doormat will definitely get the job done.


When it comes to door mats purchasing them might actually come down to preference as well when picking out which is the best. Because of the many designs and materials, these products are made of, there are definitely a lot of choices online or in your local supermarkets. So, when buying a door mat, think about your location and what kind will hold up to the type of season or weather your area mostly has. Also, think about where you would likely place or position the mat whether it’s inside or outside your house.
Make sure the door mat is the right size for your doorstep and that it won’t hinder the closing and opening of your door. Lastly, get one that will secure its place on the surface in order to avoid accidents especially slipping. All in all, the ideal doormat should simply be one that can get rid of the dirt, soil, mud and dust that are typically stuck under the soles of your footwear whatever their shape, color or designs.

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