Best Dip Belt

When you’re undergoing strength training especially with the upper part of your body, your trainer would usually let you use a dip belt. A dip belt is a type of weighted clothing that helps add resistance when you do pull-ups as well as when you do knee and leg raises. It’s efficient during resistance training so your muscles and your joints will strengthen and get accustomed to the added weight that you challenge your body with. When you do dip exercises this is the best resistance training you can add. Here are some of the best dip belts on the market.

Harbinger Polypropylene Dip Belt

The most popular dip belt product that we found on the market is this one. It’s also a highly rated and highly recommended one. Those who were able to use this for their strength training are happy with its performance, you might find that this one is of your liking too. It has a contoured design that can fit perfectly with the shape of the waist of anyone. It even has a back support that fits snuggle in order for you to have a successful serious training. The 30 inches steel chain can easily carry the added weight you place.

You can challenge your body more when you do strength training with the use of the best dip belt. In choosing the best one to use, you should check the design of the product. It should provide you with comfort when you use it. Some dip belts dig into your sides and your hips giving you pain when you do weight training, while the best ones are specially designed to prevent that from happening. It should also be able to carry a lot of weight so you can challenge your body more.

Dark Iron Fitness Leather Weightlifting Dip Belt

Another highly rated and highly recommended dip belt that we found on the market is this one. This one doesn’t have chains on it. What it has is a durable strap that’s very durable and strong it can even hold as much weight as 270 pounds. The good thing about the design of this product is the belt won’t dig into your hips or sides, unlike other products. It has an added padding that protects your hips and your sides when you do your pull-ups or leg exercises. This can help eliminate any pain or discomfort when you train.

Brute Belt – Nylon Dip Pullup Squat Belt

The last product on our list is another highly rated one that comes with such a reasonable price. Some even say this is the best out there since it’s comfortable to use, durable and versatile at the same time. It can also effectively do its function of providing you with added resistance when you do your pull-ups and leg exercises. The strap of this dip belt can actually carry enough weight even reaching 270 pounds of added weight. There are two steel carabiners that can easily release the added weight you placed on this dip belt.


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