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It seems like when you search for the definition of a defogger, you more probably than not encounter a definition pertaining to the defogger function that a car has. That type of defogger is actually seen in a vehicle that helps remove any condensation on the windshield of any vehicle. This is done when a jet of air mingled with water is directed to the windshield. This is a built-in device seen in a vehicle, but the defogger we’re talking about on this list is a defogger used for something else. When you search online for defogger products, it usually pertains to a special solution packaged usually into a spray or squeeze bottle or as a simple, small container. Some use it to keep their scuba diving mask free from fog or water condensation which can affect the vision of the diver. Some also use it to defog their goggles and other glass.

Most of the defogger products are made from natural products. It’s better to use one that’s good for the environment and good for your condition too. There are also those made to last for hours on end, which is an ideal defogger. Especially for divers who often dive for long periods of time, it’s important to keep their visibility free from any hindrances when they’re deep down into the sea. Since a defogger usually comes in portable and compact design, you can carry it anywhere without any hassles. If you’re looking for the best one to use for diving, swimming and other activity that involves the water and keeping your vision clear, you might want to buy a defogger. This list will help you choose the perfect one for you.

Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray

This is the most popular anti-fog and defogger in the market to date and it comes in a spray container which is really convenient. What people love about this product is it’s super long-lasting. Once you spray this to your goggle or scuba masks, you can go for hours without worrying about water condensation or fog from forming over your eye area. The formula is specially formulated to protect the person wearing the scuba mask or goggles from any toxic fumes. This actually has a non-toxic formula which is great. Each pump has 30 ml of the solution which is a total of 200+ pumps. That can last for a very long time which is worth your money.

When it comes to its price, this is pretty inexpensive so you don’t have to fret. The ingredients used here are all natural and good for your health which is a good thing. You can use this to act as a preventive precaution for your glass or plastic eyewear. You can even use this as a wet or dry application, whatever suits your fancy and the situation you’re in. Even if you swim a lot, you can see everything without any worries when you use this product to set your swim eyewear first. You can be confident each time you swim, dive or do some water activities that your goggles or scuba diving mask won’t fog up.

McNett Sea Drops Anti-Fog & Lens Cleaner

If you’re fond of scuba diving, you probably know the perils of having impaired eyesight when you’re out there, deep into the ocean. Sometimes your scuba diving mask can fog up which can endanger the diver. That’s why even the most experienced diver makes sure that they use a special anti-fog solution like this before diving in order to ensure that their scuba diving mask won’t fog up. One thing you have to note is that this product isn’t suited for swim goggles, unlike other products. This is specially made to give your scuba diving mask a crystal clear vision for the diver’s benefit. This is also used to clean the mask after diving. You have to make sure that your diving gear is in tip-top condition always.

You have to keep in mind that this solution is very concentrated. You only need to use at least two drops of an application when you have to clean your scuba mask as well as for anti-fog benefits. The formula is quite long-lasting so you can enjoy a long time diving without worrying about the danger of fogging up your diving mask. With this, you don’t have to worry about damaging the quality of your scuba diving mask since this won’t cause any abrasions and damage the glass of your mask. It’s biodegradable as well as alcohol-free so you can be sure that it won’t damage your mask at all.

M Essentials Sea Gold Anti-Fog Gel for Dive Masks

This is another highly concentrated anti-fog solution specially made for dive masks that you can check out if you’re interested in purchasing one. A lot of people actually recommend this product. The overall feedback from people who were able to use this is quite good. The price of the product is very affordable and its efficiency is proven so you can’t go wrong with this one.  This actually comes in a gel form, unlike the other products on this list. What’s good about the formula of this product is it’s non-toxic and won’t damage the surrounding rubber or silicone that supports the frames of your scuba diving masks.

Even under different water temperatures, the formula of this product is guaranteed to give you a fog-free protection for your diving masks for a long period of time. The formula is quite efficient and reliable, something you should consider in choosing the defogger that you wanted to use. It’s also non-toxic since the ingredients in this product us biodegradable as well as alcohol-free. You can actually use this for glass as well as plastic lenses. However, this isn’t advisable to be used for swim goggles since it might cause abrasions. One thing you have to make sure is the diving mask should be dry when you apply this gel. It might look like you applied some Vaseline to your mask, but a short dip to the water can clear it up.

Splaqua Anti-Fog Spray Eyeglass Lens Cleaner, Long Lasting Defogger 

This is another defog spray that we found in the market. This might not be one of the highest products in the market, but it’s a pretty decent one that some people like to use. The price is quite good too. For those who aren’t fond of gel-form defogger or a solution defogger, you might like this product instead. You can easily spray the solution to your swimming mask without any hassles. The application is super quick and easy with this. Spraying is a lot easier and quicker when you have to clear or clean your swimming lenses. With this, you won’t have to struggle with a blurred vision when swimming or diving.

You can use this defogger for different types of sports. You can actually use this for skiing, playing paintballs, hockey, and swimming activities such as snorkeling and diving. Any type of sport that involves a special eyewear needs a defogger like this one to keep your vision free from any fog and another blurring of vision. You’ll love how the formula of this defogger won’t streak all over your mask when you apply this. This can even be used for a mask without a non-ar coated lenses. You don’t usually find a product like this one that can do that.

Rain-X Interior Glass Anti-Fog 

The last product on our list is another inexpensive yet decent defogger that you might be interested in checking out if you’re interested. With this, you can eliminate as well as prevent any form of fogging on your mask which can impair your vision. Sometimes your mask will steam up especially when you have varying temperatures inside and outside the mask that’s why it’s better to set your mask with a defogging solution such as this one first before you go out on your activity. This product comes in a spray form so it makes it a lot easier to apply all over your mask.

You can actually use this for indoor use too. Most people use this for their mirrors as well as for their windows. They can maintain the crystal-clear vision and look of their glass with this product. You can also use this to remove any smoke residue efficiently. Some people find that this is the only product that they can rely on when their car defrosts and they can’t see clearly or when their window glass gets all glazed and they can’t view the outside well. You can check this product out and see for yourself how efficient this is.


A fogged-up swimwear goggles or scuba diving mask can affect your performance while in the waters and it can also dampen the joys of swimming and diving. It’s advisable to use the best defogger prior to any water activities in order to clear up any fog on your swimwear masks. You can also use a defogger for other types of masks such as a ski-mask. There are a lot of reasonably priced defoggers sold in the market.

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