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Tired of your tried and tested deer feeder that doesn’t yield any desirable result? Stop settling for a deer feeder that’s plain talk and no action. When you need a boost in your livestock business, buckle up as we take you for a ride to help you choose the appropriate deer feeder, in our top deer feeders’ list.

Moultrie Deer Feeder

Do you sometimes forget to feed your deer? What if you found out that you overfed it? Monitor your feeding time with the help of Moultrie MFHP12367 All-in-One Deer Feeder Kit With Timer.

This deer feeder includes a digital timer that you can adjust according to how many times you need to feed your deer. Actually, it has a maximum feeding time of four times a day, with about 1-20 seconds interval. Believe it or not, it even has mount, metal spin plates and funnel that you can easily operate and attach to small or large containers, based on your feeding preference.

This easy-to-assemble product measures 5.8 inches long, 5.5 inches wide, and 4.3 inches thick. You can use either its external power ports or its solar panel connectors to run it. It comes in four AA batteries that are specially designed to last for four months.


Wondering why you’re having a feed shortage even though you have a sufficient supply? If you believe that pests have something to do with it, it’s time you beat them in their own game by getting AMERICAN HUNTER Digital Feeder Kit.

This deer feeder consists of a remarkable varmint guard technology that prevents various pests from sneaking and stealing food that’s meant for your deer. Because of this, they won’t also have the chance to spread harmful diseases to your livestock. Moreover, it has an adjustable digital timer that allows you to keep track of your feeding time and rate.

This product even boasts of a high-tech system for convenient mobile compatibility. For specifications, it measures 9 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 7 inches thick. It’s also suitable for almost any type of container and has a weatherproof case that ensures your feed’s always in good quality.

Zenature Deer Feeder

Do you often have a hard time cleaning your ordinary deer feeder? With Zenature Deer and Livestock Feeder, you can say goodbye to such a stressful work.

This deer feeder’s composed of a bottom part that you can conveniently attach and detach, for a quick yet thorough cleaning. What’s more interesting about it is its multipurpose function because you can use it as a feeder for various livestock necessities including; horse, goat, etc. Do you plan on putting it in your garden instead? You may do so because you can use it as a flower box.

This product has dimensions of 24 inches long, 17 ¾ inches wide, and 16 ½ inches thick. It’s made from white pine wood that’s smooth to the touch but sturdy enough that it doesn’t have any metal part. Its simple yet functional design makes it an ideal decorative tool as well.

What to Look For

Choosing the kind of deer feeder truly matters especially when your livelihood’s at stake. Because of this, you need to take note of the factors that you should always consider so you’re not swayed into purchasing typical deer feeders, again and again.

  • Place – Do you live in an area that’s swarming with pests? If you live in place where you know wild rabbits, coyotes, and insects thrive, pick a deer feeder that has a special feature against such pests so you don’t put your livestock in danger.
  • Weather – Is it humid, tropical, hot, or rainy from where you live? Extreme or unpredictable changes in weather condition have a huge effect on the quality of your feed. As such, you need a kind of deer feeder that’s water-resistant or weatherproof to ensure that your feed’s in proper and edible condition for your livestock.
  • Frequency of Distribution – When buying a deer feeder, always bear in mind how much and how often you need to feed your deer. Is it twice, thrice, or four times a day? Does your deer only consume a portion, or a handful of your feed? Doing this, helps you raise a deer or livestock that will surely help you on your daily activities.


By getting the necessary deer feeder in consideration of its frequency of distribution, your place, and the type of weather that you often experience, you not only nurture your deer accordingly but also create a pleasing livestock investment for your business.

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