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You might be familiar with a cycling as a casquette which is a French word for a cap. In the cycling world, people use the word casquette. This might not be as popular as it used to be, with the introduction of cycle helmets, but a cycling cap is still used by professionals especially those who join professional cycling races. Cyclists wear them under their helmet especially when there’s heavy rain. Cycling caps are also popularized by American, European and Australian fashion. Here are some of the best cycling cap you can find on the market.

Bleiou Team Cycling Cap

This is a favourite cycling cap that cyclists prefer to use. It’s made of a lightweight material that makes it comfortable for you to use. They made sure that the design and the fit of the product can give you a redefined comfort as well as ensure that you have sufficient head protection when you ride your bike. This is a trusted brand and product by professionals and amateur cyclists alike. The extended visor keeps the sun rays away from your eyes for easy visibility and this cap keeps your head cool during the warm days.

Hysenm Tour De France Cycling Champion Cap

This is another amazing cycling cap you need to check out. It’s made of a breathable material that can keep your head cool when you ride your bike during the hot weather. It has a polyester material that can even absorb your sweat so it won’t run down into your eyes and obscure your visibility while cycling. You can keep this under your cycling helmet to serve as an overall protection from the elements which can hinder your performance during cycling. This can also be used for running, hiking or climbing. The design can fit all head shape perfectly.

Headsweats Cycle Cap

Here’s another cycling cap you might want to consider. The price might be higher compared to the other products but you can’t go wrong with the quality of this cap and the durability of the overall design. This can definitely wick the sweat away from your eyes and this can also keep the disturbing rays of the sun away from your eyes too. When it rains, the droplets won’t run down your field of vision so you can see enough even if you go cycling during a rain. It has some reflective strips that’ll keep you noticed during the dark.


Whether you’re a professional cyclist or someone who’s still new to this outdoor activity, you need to protect yourself from various factors that can affect your performance during cycling by using the best cycling cap. Make sure you get a product that can effectively keep the sun rays away from your eyes as well as keep your vision protected when it rains. It should be made of a lightweight material that can keep your head cool during the hot days too. There are cycling caps that can fit all head sizes that you can check out.

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