Best Crossfit Jump Rope

One of the easiest workout and also cheapest in price is with the use of a jumping rope. By simply jumping in one place with the use of a jump rope, you’re letting your body burn calories and fat all the while keeping the fun and excitement from it. Although in the colloquial term it’s called a jump rope the right term for that would be Crossfit Jump Rope. Unlike jumping ropes that you can buy for your kids, the Crossfit Jump Rope puts more attention to the details and design which affects the overall experience. Check the best Crossfit Jump Rope.

Survival and Cross Jump Rope

For the CrossFit jump rope, it’s all about getting the best experience from the best product. The best of the best is none other than the Survival and Cross Jump Rope. The Survival and Cross Jump Rope is a professional jumping rope exercise tool which can also be used by beginners as well. Whether your sport is boxing, MMA, or even wrestling, the Survival and Cross Jump Rope can provide the best experience without you getting tangled up in the middle of the process. Even with your height being over 6-feet, you’ll have no problem stretching your back with the best CrossFit jump rope.

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

When you’re prioritizing endurance above anything else, then you need to be quick on your feet with your CrossFit jump rope. Thanks to the WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope, you’ll be able to unlock your full potential in terms of endurance. The WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope also boasts style from its wide range offering of black, blue, green, orange, pink, and purple. Since you’ll be speeding up your jumping routine, the WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope is made fast and steady for a more accurate swing for every rep. Once you place your order for the WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope, you’re getting an extra cable and a bag for easy storage and carriage.

Master of Muscle Crossfit Jump Rope

If you’re all about getting free things when buying a CrossFit jump rope, then you might want to buy the Master of Muscle Crossfit Jump Rope. The Master of Muscle Crossfit Jump Rope comes with its own carry case together with a free e-book that contains the best jump rope routine of more than 20 in number. But in terms of quality, you’ll also be getting one of the most durable Crossfit jump rope out there. The Master of Muscle Crossfit Jump Rope even features a 90-degree spin handle for a quick spin along with the wired cable construction to avoid any entanglement.

What to Look For

Crossfit jump rope is a bit different to the toy jump rope that you can usually see and buy for a very cheap price. Crossfit jump ropes come with attention to details from the handle to the cable which improves overall jumping rope experience. With that said, it’s not all about the looks for a Crossfit jump rope but rather the length, weight, material, and handle. Every part is different that provide its own advantages and features for the user. If you’re wondering why you can’t jump rope as fast as how the athletes do it is that because your existing jump rope can’t provide you that experience. So, for you to be able to achieve that professional jumping rope experience, here’s what you need to look out for in a Crossfit jump rope.

The length of a Crossfit jump rope should be in accordance with your height. In essence, there are two lengths to see for a Crossfit jump rope. Static length for when it’s not being used and dynamic length once you’re using it. Static length will decide your dynamic length by simply being in a relaxed standing position. After that, you should have a minimum of 12-inch clearance once it passed over head as if you’re going to jump rope already.

The weight comes next as the next deciding feature. For beginners, it’s best to have thicker and heavier cables as you’ll be able to start slow. If you want more speed, then a lighter and thinner Crossfit jump rope should be able to provide that.

The material of the Crossfit jump rope will fall down on your experience. For beginners, plastic and vinyl should be just fine while rope, cloth, and thin wires will be for advanced users.

Last but not the least is the handle. To avoid any entanglement, a Crossfit jump rope is constructed with swivel bearing construction or 90-degree connection as opposed to the direct connection that you’ll see from beginner’s Crossfit jump rope.


A Crossfit jump rope is suited also for beginners if you think only professional athletes can use them. With it, you’ll be able to get the best experience when doing the exercise thanks to the quality of the material, handle as well as length and weight that contributes to the great experience. With that said, the best Crossfit jump rope is the Survival and Cross Jump Rope.

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