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Archery is a fun sport that lets you practice precision and ease when hunting or shooting arrows. You can practice your shots for a competition or you can hone your skills for some real-life hunting with the use of your bow and arrows. Whatever reasons you might have on using a crossbow, whether for leisure or function, it’s important that you know all the nit and gritty about the different ways carrying and using a crossbow. For one thing, when you carry your crossbow, you can do it with ease and without the added strain when you attach a specially designed crossbow sling to it. A crossbow sling allows you to carry your crossbow on your shoulders so whenever you need to walk or run while hunting you can just swing it on your shoulder for security.

There are different crossbow slings sold in the market. Most of them have the same functional design that allows you to carry your crossbow with ease, whatever weight your crossbow might have. It’s important that in choosing your crossbow sling you check for the durability of the product, the materials used in its construction and the overall design that lets you carry your crossbow without any problems. There are actually a lot of them with good quality and reasonable prices. If you’re searching for the perfect crossbow sling and you don’t know where to look, this list will help you choose the best one for personal use. Check these products out and get the feel of it before you officially purchase one.

Barnett Talon Crossbow Sling

For a quiet way of swinging and honing your crossbow, you better check this highly rated product that we found in the market. This crossbow sling by Barnett Talon is a popular product that has captured a lot of attention from people who are fond of crossbows and actually use it. This has the perfect length and size that makes it comfortable for anyone to use. You can actually adjust the length of the sling in order for you to easily carry your crossbow. From 32 inches of the sling, you can release into lengthening up to 40 inches. So, whether you’re a tall person or shorter than average, this crossbow sling will be perfect for you to use.

What’s great about this product is it can actually fit all the Barnett crossbows. With the great padding of this crossbow sling, you can have excellent grip when handling it. The materials used for this crossbow sling are all high-quality ones. No wonder this is one of the most durable crossbow slings ever made. You can’t go wrong with the quality, functionality, and price of this product. It’s super lightweight so it won’t add stress when you carry your crossbow. Even if you run about, this crossbow sling will stay in place so your crossbow will stay securely on your shoulder. With this, you can move around and have full use of your two hands since your crossbow is secured on your shoulder.

TenPoint Neoprene Sling

This is another great crossbow sling sold in the market that has a reasonable price and can give you great performance. With the integration of an elastic band to a crossbow sling, it allows you to unload your crossbow’s bolt or cub storage easily. The width of this crossbow sling’s strap is about 1.25 inches so it can stay on your shoulder comfortably when you’re using it. It even has a thumb loop in order for you to have an added security for your crossbow while it is hanging on your shoulder. One thing you need to focus on in choosing a crossbow sling is that it doesn’t slip easily so that whenever you carry your crossbow to your shoulder it’ll stay there.

The shoulder strap of this crossbow sling is made extra strong. That way even if your crossbow is heavier than usual, you can easily carry it and move around while you’re hunting or during practice sessions. The materials used for this product are all heavy-duty ones and the overall construction of this sling is very strong too. When you purchase this, you actually get an extra unloading bolt for your crossbow, how cool is that? Not only that, you also get a custom swivel in your purchase. So, even though this is a little bit pricier than the other products, it’s more than enough of a bargain.

Barnett Outdoors The Sling Cross Xbow Sling

Another Barnett crossbow sling that we found in the market is this product and it’s another highly recommended one. What’s great about this product is it can actually fit any type of crossbow brand. Some crossbow slings are restricted to a specific crossbow brand, and some make do of a mediocre crossbow sling as long as it fits their weapons. With this, you can be sure that it’ll secure your crossbow when you need to carry it and it does it so well as if it’s actually made for your crossbow. The price of this product is so affordable too which is great. You can have a high-quality crossbow sling that works great, looks great and feels great when you use it.

You can adjust the length of this crossbow sling in order to have a comfortable way of slinging your weapon when resting or moving about. This is specially designed to give you extreme grip so it doesn’t slip or fall when you run, jump or move a lot. With this, you can have plenty of grips. You can also stabilize your crossbow while you’re tracking your prey or when you’re traveling. Even though you go on a hike while hunting on a challenging terrain you can be assured that your crossbow will stay put with the use of this efficient crossbow sling. You can check this out and see why a lot of people recommend this product.

Estobi Outfitters Crossbow Sling 

Some crossbow slings have decent strength, while others have a flimsy strength that you shouldn’t consider at all. But what’s a better option is to choose a crossbow sling that has an extra strong design that can carry a load of your crossbow effortlessly. This is one of the best products on the market that boasts and actually performs the way a crossbow should be: have extra strength and durability when it comes to carrying and securing your crossbow. This crossbow sling is actually made handmade and the main material used in the construction of this product is a paracord nylon weighing 550 lbs. The heavy duty material ensures that this crossbow sling is one of the strongest one out there.

This is a lot longer compared to other crossbow slings but you can actually adjust the length of the sling from 33 inches to 44 inches depending on the length that you’re comfortable with. This can be used for different weapons such as crossbows, shotguns and even rifles. Even though this is one of the strongest and most durable slings there is, this is actually light in weight. Carrying it around won’t be a hassle at all. You can comfortably sling your crossbow to your shoulders when you walk or run. The versatility of this sling makes it an ideal tool to use when you’re going camping or hiking with your bow since you can use it as a rope, arm sling, tourniquet and even as a rope for your tent.

LimbSaver Kodiak Lite Crossbow Sling

The last product on our list is another highly rated one that has an affordable price. With the simple design of this product, it’s amazing that this can effectively help you carry your crossbow in a comfortable manner. Even if you need to carry your weapon for a very long time especially if you’re hiking while hunting, you can do that with ease if you use this type of crossbow sling. This is made of light materials that are quite durable so you don’t have to carry an extra load when you use it.

The simple and effective design of this crossbow sling efficiently distributes the weight of your crossbow. That way, you won’t even feel the extreme weight of your crossbow even if it’s normally heavy. The materials used for this product has a non-slip quality to it. Even if you run, jump or move about while hunting, this sling will make sure that your crossbow won’t slip and fall. This even has an ergonomic handle design that makes it easier for you to grip it. You can have an added control when you carry your crossbow. With this, you have the liberty to adjust it the way you like it.


You can effortlessly carry you crossbow while walking or moving around when you use the best crossbow sling. There are actually a lot of them in the market. Choose one that’s durable and will give you comfort when you carry your crossbow. It should have the right length that can fit your height and build too.

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