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Millennials find pleasure and entertainment in social media. They sometimes forgot that the real world exists just behind their gadget. Some non-government organization are now beginning to introduce outdoor activities for the youth. One of which is the croquet.

Hobbies such as croquet is a good sport that can make you live your life even without gadgets. This also improves your mental and physical skills.

Croquet has been played since the 1800s and it is still relevant even today.

If you want to start playing, check out these croquet sets that could be a great help for you and your friends:

Franklin Sports Six Player Croquet Set

The first product is the Franklin Sports Six Player Croquet Set. The Franklin Sports is the official gear provider of the Major League Baseball. They offer sports gear and equipment for pickleball, football, soccer, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, and others. The company also offers family outdoor sports game like the croquet.

This USA-made croquet set has six molded balls that have a measurement of 2.75 inches and can be used in all weather. It also comes with six mallet heads and six handles with caps, both made of wood and has a dimension of 7 inches x 1.875 inches x 26 inches respectively.

This imported set is available with 18 inches wooden stakes that are finely painted, and wickets that are coated so that it can be used in any types of weather. The product dimension is 24.4″ x 7.4″ x 2.7″ and it weighs about 6.2 pounds.

It is available in different styles such as intermediate, classic, expert, and vintage. This is a good outdoor game for the family, so grab yours now!

Trademark Games Global Croquet Set

Another must-have item is from the Trademark Games namely the Global Croquet Set. Some of the products of Trademark Games are bowling set, magnetic dart game, tabletop baseball, croquet set, and top pool table with cues.

This croquet set comes in six wooden mallets that have a measurement of 26 inches and 1.85 inches diameter heads that are accustomed to being cushion capped. Plus, it has six pieces of three-inched croquet balls and two solid wooden stakes.

A carrying case is also added in the package to keep all the equipment together. The case is available in different designs which are Bud Light, Budweiser, Coca Cola, and plain croquet set.

The product dimension is 26″ x 8.5″ x 3″ and it weighs about 5.8 pounds. The item can be shipped to the United States and several countries abroad. This is a good gift for loved one and friends, so try one today.

Crown Sporting Goods Deluxe Croquet Set

Another recommended product is the Deluxe Croquet Set from the company of Crown Sporting Goods. The Crown Sporting Goods is based in Indianapolis, Indiana and it offers sports products. One of their best sellers is the croquet set.

This set is specifically made for six players and is perfect for playing outdoors. The package comes with nine wickets that are coated with vinyl, six polymer spheroids, and two hardwood stakes that measure 21 inches. It is high-quality and sturdy. Six 32-inches wooden mallets are also included in the set.

This item also has a freebie of a zip-up carrier that is available in color black for the convenient transport of the materials. The product dimension is 32″ x 8″ x 4″ and it weighs about 11 pounds only.

The croquet set can be used even by children with proper adult supervision. Check this one now and start playing with the whole family in your backyard.

What to look for

A croquet set must contain all the materials needed in playing the game. So make sure that before buying the product, every instrument must be in the package. It must have the stakes, mallets, and the balls.

A wooden made tool or a high-quality plastic is also recommended for it is strong enough to last for a longer time. Also, safety must be prioritized, so make sure that the materials that make up the tools must not cause any harm to its users.

A budget friendly set is also recommended so that it won’t become a trouble financially. Familiarize yourself with this tips to save time, money, and effort in buying a croquet set for your family.


In sum, being outdoors is one of the best feelings a person can ever have. He or she can enjoy and have fun even without the help of the gadgets.

Playing croquet or even just any sports outside can be a great help mentally and physically, plus it is also a better way of socializing with other people because you can interact and talk face to face. Croquet has been played for years and it is now time to introduce it to our children.

Even in the modern era, we must not forget that the real fun is not just within our gadgets or our phone. We must have time to go outside for that is where the true adventure is.

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