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What is crimping? It’s the act of using a tool to deform pieces of metal or any other material to seal a fastener or joint. Simply put, the act of crimping requires a crimping tool or crimpers for short. These items are available in a number of designs and sizes, which might make it difficult for some to choose the right tool for their specific requirements. Furthermore, there are different functions and purposes for varying crimpers on the market. If you’re a bit confused as to what crimping tool to get, then read on to know some ideal examples that might suit your needs.

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Multi-Tool Wire Stripper 2078309

The IRWIN VISE-GRIP Multi-Tool Wire Stripper 2078309 is a multi-purpose tool that won’t just crimp wires, but it can also be used as a bolt cutter, a pair of pliers, and, of course, to strip and cut wires of 10 to 22 AWG. It can also crimp insulated and non-insulated terminals. This handy tool is a very versatile piece of equipment, and you’d do well in getting at least one of these as part of your toolbox.


The TRENDnet TC-CT68 has an all-steel construction for maximum fur ability. It’s a useful tool for cutting telephone wires and Ethernet cables. The compact design makes it easy for travel and use, and the comfortable hand grips assure you that your hands won’t go sore even when doing heavy-duty operations.

Titan Tools 11477 Ratcheting Wire Terminal Crimper

The Titan Tools 11477 Ratcheting Wire Terminal Crimper takes advantage of a ratcheting mechanism to carefully and properly adjust crimping compression. It also comes with a comfortable grip and a strong steel jaw that has color-coded wire sizes.

What to Look For?

There are different types of crimping tools on the market, and many of them vary in size or the sizes of their crimping jaws. Furthermore, different models call for varying hand grips, the construction of the crimpers, and the maximum pressure the tool can handle. Furthermore, some crimpers are useful for different purposes as they might have additional features such as them being wire shredders and cutters.

Due to the fact that many crimping applications involve the use of crimping metal connectors to the wire, the tool is usually rated based on the American wire gauge. This form of measurement is the rating of standardized wire diameters in which manufacturers use to determine wire sizes. What does this have to do with crimpers? It’s a way in which users can quickly gauge if the crimping tool can efficiently crimp through the wire or material. If the highest attainable pressure doesn’t coincide or is lower than the AWG rating of the wire, then it won’t cut or crimp properly, and this can be dangerous as it can cause bleeding wires.

If you want to have a crimping tool for general purposes, then you ought to consider getting dieless crimpers instead of died crimpers. Dieless crimpers are more versatile than their died counterparts. Also, died crimpers have a distinct crimping shape as they’re employed for pre-determined die sizes found in their jaws.

If you require more pressure for those heavy-duty crimping applications, then consider getting a ratchet crimper instead. The use of the ratchet allows the jaws of the device to be placed with improved accuracy to limit the chances of human error when crimping.


While most common crimping operations only require standardized crimping tools and sizes, you should still search for the best crimping tool for your specific requirements to accrue top-notch results. Any less and you expose the material and yourself to accidents and certain risks.

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