Best Cordless Snow Blower

Let’s admit it, even though winter season and snow seems fun to see, they aren’t once you try walking on the streets filled with nothing but snow. The floor is slippery cold and sooner or later, you’re bound to slide if you don’t have the right shoes with you. Although seeing the street covered in snow seems to be enticing, you need to get rid of it sooner or later. With that said, you’ll need a cordless snow blower for that. Although in conventional snow blowers are powerful, nothing still beats the convenience of cordless snow blower allowing you to blow the snow from anywhere.

Snow Joe iON18SB Ion Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower

For the best cordless snow blower, it’s about being portable and lightweight in one package. With the Snow Joe iON18SB Ion Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower, you won’t have any problem blowing snow on your sidewalks, walkways, and decks. The Snow Joe iON18SB Ion Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower features a rechargeable 40-volt lithium ion battery that allows it to be cordless and flexible. It’s already lightweight for its standard weighing only 32 lbs. The run time can reach up to 50 minutes from the included battery. The power of blower can move up to 495 lbs of snow per minute from its steel auger with 2 rubber blades.

GreenWorks Pro 80V 20-Inch Cordless Snow Thrower

If you want a cordless snow blower that’s very quiet to use, then you’re looking for the next product. With GreenWorks Pro 80V 20-Inch Cordless Snow Thrower, you’re bound to finish the job even in the middle of the night or early morning all without waking up your neighbor. The GreenWorks Pro 80V 20-Inch Cordless Snow Thrower come with 2Ah battery which can be charged. That battery translates to the powerful performance of 80 V Li-ion delivery with great efficiency of up to 45 minutes run time. It can blow or throw snow in quick succession with 20 inches clearing path and 10 inches clearing depth.

GreenWorks 26272 G-MAX 40V 20-Inch Cordless Snow Thrower

Should you wish a bit more power, the next product can deliver to your needs. For the GreenWorks 26272 G-MAX 40V 20-Inch Cordless Snow Thrower, it comes with 4Ah battery and charger for complete cordless and flexible experience. The largest size is at 20 inches with the smallest variant sizing up at 12 inches. Thanks to its Digipro brushless motor, you’re getting an efficient snow blower for high performance yet efficiency. It can and will provide 20 inches clearing path and 8 inches clearing depth. Furthermore, it provides 180 degrees rotating chute and up to 20-foot discharge distance.

What to Look For

When it comes to a cordless snow blower, there are a few types of it which deliver specific advantages in the expense of toning down a specific feature. In terms of the cordless snow blower, you’re getting a lightweight snow thrower but in exchange of shorter run time due to its dependency to internal batteries. In case you’re looking for a cordless snow blower, you might need to heed some of our guidelines.

Check the battery capacity of the cordless snow blower to know how long you can stay cordless. You’ll need a bigger battery especially when you have a huge space to clean up. Next is the ability to get rid of snow. Check the marketed clearing depth as well as other features such as how far it can throw off the snow.


Should you wish to eliminate the nightmare of being limited in space when getting rid of the snow, a cordless snow blower will come in handy in this case. With that said, the best cordless snow blower is the Snow Joe iON18SB Ion Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower.

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