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A conveyor system is one of the greatest innovation that will help the users in transferring one product in any location. It is useful in moving heavy and bulky items in the manufacturing companies. Sometimes it is powered by electricity by plugging it with an AC adapter or batteries. This product can save time, money, and manpower.

The conveyors are usually made of heavy duty materials such as steel. It is also available in different sizes to suit the needs of the users. It is usually used in pharmaceutical companies, automobile companies, electronics, food and beverage, and others.

Check out some of the best conveyor available in the market today:

Happybuy Belt Conveyor 

The first conveyor to try is the Happybuy Belt and table conveyor. HappyBuy is an online shop that sells various high-quality home equipment and groceries at an affordable price. It is currently available in the United States. One of its product is the belt conveyor.

This belt conveyor measures 59″ x 7.8″. It is made of stainless steel and heavy duty PVC. It has a rated voltage of 110 volts and 60 Hz which can produce steady anti-static power. It does not need batteries to work. Meanwhile, it has an adjustable speed of 0-82 feet per minute. The table is 29.5″ from the ground and it also includes rubber feet. It can support a gross weight of about 20 kilograms or 44 pounds.

This can be used in manufacturing companies especially in making food or beverage, electronic/ automobile parts, pharmaceutical, and others. It can accommodate even small objects like bottles, boxes, bundles, and others. The product dimension is 59″x 10″x 9″. The package includes one conveyor machine, one guardrail set, and one manual to give instructions to the user.

This belt conveyor can help you in your day to day operations. this is a good choice to have a productive business, so try to check this one now!

Oasis Machinery T1733 Gravity 13 Roller Conveyor Medium Duty

Another product to try is the Oasis Machinery T1733 gravity roller conveyor medium heavy duty. The Oasis Machinery has been selling quality home equipment online for many years. Their customers have been giving positive feedbacks with their products such as wood dust collector, micron dust bags, roller stand, air cleaner, and others.

This gravity conveyor can accommodate heavy items than other brands. It can help you in your company’s productivity by saving manpower as well as the energy costs. The product is made of steel iron and its legs have rubber. The table features 13 rollers and it can hold up to 440 pounds of weight.

The height of the table is adjustable, however, it measures 25 3/5″ to 43 2/7″. Meanwhile, the length measures 70 7/7 inches and the width measures 18 1/3 inches. The rollers of the table have a dimension of 1 1/2 inches and the length of the rollers are 15 2/3 inches. This product is stable, it is convenient, and it can stay put in its place.

The product dimension is 72″ x 22″ x 8″ and it weighs about 62 pounds only. The product is available in black color only. This can be used in transporting products to the conveyor table. Check this product now and save time on your manufacturing.

JORESTECH Gravity Expandable Roller Conveyor

The Jorestech gravity expandable roller conveyor is a must-have. Jorestech is a company that provides sealing for home and manufacturing. Some of its products are pallet jacks, vacuum sealers, manual sealers, conveyors, and pallet wrappers. They ship their product via Freight and the customers can expect it to be delivered for more than 5 days.

This product is made of metal and it is powder coated. It can stand on its own and can be connected to other conveyors to create greater distances. Unlike other conveyors, the Jorestech gravity conveyor can be used either curved or straight. It has a heavy duty legs which are shaped in a square tube for longer service. The swiveling casters are also brake-equipped. This product does not require electricity. When not in use, the product is compact at ease.

The rollers are made of stainless steel and it measures 18.5 inches or 470 mm wide. Meanwhile, the distance between rollers is 1.5 to 6.5 inches or 39 to 165 mm. The conveyor measures 47 to 188 inches x 25 inches x 23 to 39 inches. Its weight is 140 pounds or 63.5 kilograms.

The product dimension is 50″ x 40″ x 27″ and the packed weight is 86 kilograms or 190 pounds.  This product can be used in offshore facilities and can be used in any type of production.

What to Look for

In buying conveyor, make sure that it is made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel or metal so it can last a long time versus those that are made of plastic. Also, choose conveyor system that suits the needs of your company to have efficient and productive operations. Make sure that its size and the weight are the product that you need.


In sum, the conveyor is one of the innovations made to make our lives comfortable and easier. This is used by big and small companies nowadays. If you wish to buy a conveyor in your next shop, make sure to check the above-mentioned products and the tips to look for when buying one.

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