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If you’re someone who wears contact lens then you probably know how important it is that you use a contact lens solution that fits the needs of your eyes and your contact lens as well. If you use a harsh contact lens solution it might cause you allergies or damage your eyesight so it’s better to use the best one that has the right formulation that suits your eyes. If you’re not sure then consult your doctor, but the products in this list are some of the highly recommended ones that are even approved by physicians.

Biotrue Contact Lens Solution

Biotrue Contact Lens Solution for Soft Contact Lenses, Multi-Purpose, 10 oz, Pack of 2

The most popular and best-selling contact lens solution that we found is this product. You probably heard of it from your fellow contact-lens-wearing friend or a relative of yours who wear contact lens. You might have heard of this from your ophthalmologist too. No wonder, since this is a great product for those who wanted a critically-acclaimed product that won’t irritate or damage your eyes while you wear contact lens. The formula of this product works the same way as how your tears lubricate your eyes. It has the same pH level as your tears and will help lubricate your eyes and your contact lens naturally.

If you wear contact lens for hours each day, this is the perfect contact lens solution to use. This can actually keep your eyes lubricated up to 20 hours. The formula of the solution also has this special dual disinfection system that makes sure you won’t contract any eye infection while you wear your contact lens for long periods at a time. A lot of people who wear contact lens a lot find that they feel more comfortable when they used this product. Some say this is the best contact lens solution out there.

Alcon Clear Care with Lens Case

This is another highly recommended contact lens solution that we came across with. A lot of people seem to find nothing against it too so you might like this product. Its special formula is very effective in cleaning your contact lens. It can loosen any dirt and deeply clean your contact lens so you can be sure that you won’t get any infection when you wear your contact lens. Not only does it clean thoroughly but it also helps enhance protein removal which is important in maintaining the condition of your contact lens. The triple action cleaning system of this product helps protect your eyes and your contact lens.

This contact lens solution has hydrogen peroxide to it, about 3%. It’s a known agent in cleaning thoroughly anything. You have to make sure that you follow the instructions of this product religiously. This is not meant to be used around your eyes, let along used for your eyes. This is meant to clean your contact lens and make sure that you use a disinfected contact lens each day. If people had any complaints about this product, they probably skipped a few steps of the process. Follow the steps thoroughly.

Opti-Free Puremoist Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution

The last product on our list is another highly rated and highly recommended one. This actually does a lot of good things to your contact lens. You can use this to clean your contact lens, but you can also use this as a storing solution for your contact lens. This also helps rinse and disinfects your contact lens too. It’s a multi-purpose solution that does a lot more than just disinfecting your contact lens. It even has this HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix which makes sure that it helps lubricate your eyes and your contact lens so you can wear it comfortably whole day if you need to.

In order to reduce the incidence of eye infections, this product has a special formula that disinfects your contact lens thoroughly. This can be used for soft contact but is also effective for silicone hydrogels. A lot of doctors recommend this product and those who have been wearing contact lens almost all their life swear by this. It gives you comfort while you wear contact lens and it doesn’t damage your eyes. This will help keep your contact lens moisturized for longer periods of time. The price is pretty sustainable too since it’s reasonable.


You need to keep your contact lens disinfected, cleaned and moisturized with the use of the best contact lens solution. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully when you use your contact lens solution. There are multipurpose solutions and there are also those specifically made for disinfection purposes only. The one you should choose should be able to clean your contact lens thoroughly. That way you can prevent any eye infection. There are contact lens solutions that help lubricate the contact lens for longer periods of time so that you can use your contact lens comfortably.

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