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If you want to be the life of the party, then you might want to dress up as a clown. Clowns are naturally happy beings unless you’re going for the scary look. Yes, there are scary clowns, and studies even show that clowns are even scarier than ghosts or monsters in general. No matter what purpose may be for you to want to dress up as a clown, you still need the best clown makeup to complete the look. If you’re already browsing around the market for the right clown makeup, then read on to know some excellent examples.

Mehron Makeup – Clown White Face Paint

Mehron Makeup - Clown White Face Paint, 2.25 oz

The Mehron Makeup – Clown White Face Paint is a highly popular choice for many professional clowns and mimes. Using it on the skin can effectively and efficiently cover the face without dryness or cracking. The texture of the makeup is creamy and smooth while giving an ultra-white appearance. It does have a high concentration of titanium oxide, so it’s best to consult your doctor if you’re allergic to this ingredient before buying the item.

Dress Up America Face Paint

Dress Up America 12 Color Face Paint Safe & Non-Toxic Face and Body Crayons - Made In Taiwan

Clown makeup comes in different sizes and shapes, but it’s always a welcoming sight to see face crayons on the market. The Dress Up America Face Paint is one such product, and it comes with different colors in one box. The colors in the package are red, yellow, black, white, violet, brown, light blue, light green, orange, blue, and green.

Super Value Family Makeup Kit

Super Value Family Makeup Kit

The Super Value Family Makeup Kit is a 12-color makeup palette, but that’s not the only item you’ll get in its packaging. You’ll also take advantage of 5 colored makeup pencils, fake blood, fake skin, tooth black out, a glitter gel makeup, and some applicators.

What to Look For?

Your first priority when choosing clown makeup is to check if your skin will react negatively to it. You don’t want to use any makeup, for dressing as a clown or otherwise, that’ll leave you with acne breakouts and allergic reactions. One way to check is for you to dab some of the makeup on your skin if you can. If you suddenly feel itchy or a lump forms in the area where you placed the cosmetic, then stop using any more of it.

If you can’t do a skin test with your chosen clown makeup because you’re going to purchase online, then check the ingredients of the product before clicking that “Buy Now” button. If you’re not sure if your skin will acquire allergic reactions to the makeup or any of its ingredients, its best to consult a doctor before doing the transaction.

If you’ve already made sure that your skin won’t negatively react to the clown makeup, then you’re ready for phase two. The next phase is to look for a clown makeup with a good mixture of colors. Clowns will generally have bright colors plastered across their entire face to give off a happy (or scary) feeling.

Furthermore, you should probably check the foundation of the makeup as some can be water-based and there are those that have a pure base construction. Water-based foundations can crack but they do look good when mixed with other cosmetics. Pure base, on the other hand, is sturdier than its water-based counterpart, but these also tend to be tougher to work with.


It wouldn’t matter if you’re going to a part as a happy clown or you’re going to a Halloween party dressed as the evil clown from the movie “It,” you still need the best clown makeup that’s just right for your skin.

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