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Walking, hiking and trekking are excellent ways to relish the life and the sceneries outdoors. A person can exercise and have fun at the same time. Being outdoors is a great help mentally and physically, yet we still need to use some equipment that makes it easier and safer to travel.

Climbing sticks are one of those things a hiker or even an adventurer must have. It is a stick which is made of high-quality material that has a handle or grips. It is now available in different lengths, colors, and designs.

Because of its convenience, these are great help traveling in different types of lands and can also be used as a protection.

Check out the best climbing sticks in the market today:

High Trek Premium Ultra-light Trekking Poles

This first product is Premium Ultra-light Trekking Poles of High Trek. The High Trek brand specializes in making climbing sticks.

This product is available in a pair and it has an accessory kit which is packed with snow baskets, monster feet, and a carrier. This product is made of aerospace-graded 7075 aluminum which is very convenient for it has an adjustable flip-lock elevation telescopic poles that can be adjusted from 25 to 53 inches.

It is available in arctic white, sky blue, and brown color and it weighs 8.7 ounces only. The product dimension is 1.5″ x 4.2″ x 26.3″. Different terrain can be tackled for it has tungsten-tipped ends, a detachable rubber ferrules, and mud or snow baskets.

Indeed, adventuring can be great with the help of this item. You can have this product for your adventure in all kinds of terrain and condition, so check it out now!

BAFX Products Trail Poles

The next item is a BAFX Products Trekking Trail Poles. The BAFX Products sells high-quality sports and outdoor equipment, home appliances, and pet supplies. It has been on the market for many years and people have been giving positive feedbacks on their sites. One of their products is the Trekking trail poles.

It has adjustable poles that can range from 26.5 to 53 inches. In addition, there is also a compass on the top of the poles.

This fresh and upgraded trekking pole have a “ribbed” ergonomic intended grips for perspiring hand people for fewer hand slippage. It also features an anti-shock mechanism, unlike other brands.

This product is offered in colors black, blue and silver, and the package comes with carbide tips plus two pairs of rubber tips. Each pole weighs about 12 ounces each and the shipping weight is 1.9 pounds. The company offers a one-year warranty to buyers for any factory defect. The package includes a manual and a link to the instructional video.

Any mud and snow can be hiked comfortably and any hiker will surely enjoy traveling with this trekking poles.

WEANAS Folding Climbing Stick

The last product is Folding Climbing Sticking of Weanas. Weanas is a US-based company that offers LED lights, Outdoor recreation products, and sports and fitness equipment. One of  their best-sellers is the folding climbing stick.

This portable trekking pole is created from 7075 aluminum that makes it very lightweight and not very easy to distort. It is available in various colors such as Black and Green, Black and Gray, Black and Red, and Silver and Blue.

The product dimension is 53″ x 1″ x 1″ and it weighs about 10.4 ounces. Because it was premeditated for safety and impact resilient, its poles can range from 44 up to 54 inches. It is very suitable for people who like to travel light because it can be folded and stored in a 13.4 inches bag.

This item if very friendly for it only weighs 10.8 ounces for each pole and can be very fashionable. The company believes in their product and they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for customers not satisfied with the pole and also one-year warranty for factory defects.

What to look for?

The strength and compatibility of the items must be prioritized because cheap and easily-destroyed products are no good for travelers and might even cause harm to its users. Make sure that the sticks you buy are compatible to whatever terrain you will be trekking. The handles or grips must be strong and its feet must be steady.

Plus, also make sure that the poles are portable, not easily bent and can support you throughout your escapade.

Traveling and finding adventure would be great if you are sure that the equipment you use are very reliable and do not cause any hindrance to you.


As what many people have said, we only live once, so make sure that every second and every moment must be spent wisely. Check out the products above-mentioned and familiarize yourself with the above-mentioned tips. Traveling to different places and at the same time, bonding with your family can be a great way to spend your free time.

Relish and savor the best creations and sceneries in the world. Relax and let your eyes be filled with the images of the great wonders here on Earth.

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