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Writing on a chalk board can be fun and easy with the use of the best chalk marker. There are actually chalks in liquid forms and packaged in a pen form so you can easily grasp it with your hands and then apply strokes and swirls on any board with ease. There are chalk marker sets that come with vibrant and attractive colors with outputs that you can see from afar. Any art and craft are now made more fun with a set of chalk marker. Here are some of the best ones in the market to date.

Crafty Croc Liquid Chalk Markers

The most popular set of chalk marker that we found in the market is this award-winning product. You can get 10 liquid chalk markers that have an amazing formula and vibrant pigmentation at such a reasonable price. Adult and kids can use this set of liquid chalk markers. You can make amazing letters and art using this. The good thing about the design of this product is it has a reversible tip. You can use the chisel tip for fine lines or you can use the broad tip for some calligraphy. It can produce eye-catching designs that you’ll love.

Chalk Markers for Chalkboard by VersaChalk

Another best-selling product that we found in the market is this one. This has a neon-like formula that makes the colors so vibrant and beautiful you can see the text and shapes of the things you make feet away. The formula is amazing since it can dry quickly. It won’t become smudged or smeared when you apply it. It’s also easy to clean when you need to, all you have to use is a damp cloth. This one also has reversible tips that you can use. The chiseled tip and the broad tip can produce amazing results.

Blami Arts Chalk Markers for Kids & Artists

The last product on our list is another best-selling and highly recommended set of chalk markers that we found on the market. This one has a reasonable price too. It even has gold and silver colors in it that you can use. One set contains 12 colors that you can make amazing art with. The ingredients found in the formula of these liquid chalk markers and non-toxic and safe to be used. Even children can safely use this product. The colors are vibrant and much pigmented. They’re vivid and eye-catching too. Unlike other products this one is dust-free.


In looking for the best chalk marker to use, you have to check the ingredients found in the formula of the product. There shouldn’t be any toxic ingredients on it that can harm you and even your child if you’re planning to let your child use it for their projects or for art purposes. There are products that we found which has convenient reversible tips. It makes it fun for you to switch from the chiselled tip to the broad tip when you do your letters, calligraphy and even art. Make sure that the formula is quick-drying and the pigmentation of the chalk markers are vivid and vibrant.

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