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A carving knife is a type of knife with narrow blade and a handle. This type of tool is used to help users produce thin slices of meat or other food. It is usually made of sharp stainless steel to cut huge chunks of meat.

Food preparation depends upon the kind of tools you use along the process. Thus many culinary experts would invest in cutlery to make the precise slices of food that they wish to cook.

Check out some of the best carving knives available in the market today:

Mercer Culinary Genesis 10-Inch Forged Carving Knife

The first must-have is the Mercer Culinary Genesis 10-inch carving knife. Mercer Culinary is the leading brand in America which provides for excellent cutlery. They have various collections which have been widely celebrated in the United States.

The Mercer Culinary genesis carving knife features an ergonomic handle made of Santoprene. The grip is non-slip and it can provide comfort to the users. Full tang runs on the entire handle as well. It has also a bolster that can support, strengthen, and balance the knife.

The product dimension is 2″ x 1″ x 15″ and it weighs about 10.7 ounces. When it comes to the measurement of the blade, the widest part measures 1 3/4 inches, the center measures 1 5/8 inches, while the last part measures 1 inch.

In addition, it can also withstand any kind of temperature may it be cold or hot. The Mercer Culinary carving knife is made of 10 inches forged German steel which can prevent corrosion, discoloration, and rust. Finally, the edge of the product is taper-ground which can last longer than other brands. This is a good knife for your kitchen, so try one now!

TUO Cutlery Beef Slicing Knife 12″ – Brisket Carving Knife

Another product to try is the Tuo Cutlery 12 inches beef slicing knife. The Tuo Cutlery embodies Technology, Utility, and Originality with its products. Their products are semi-hand-crafted which is unique from other brands. Their products are the B&W, Hacker, Ring, and Yanagiba series.

The Tuo Cutlery measures 12 inches. It is the company’s B&W series which has a curved handle, about 15 degrees for easy use. It is non-stick thus food won’t stay long in the product. The handle is available in black color only.

The blade of the knife is made of carbon stainless steel from Japan and it is very sharp. It can resist corrosion and it is easy to clean. The product dimension is 20.2″ x 1.6″ x 3.5″ and it weighs about 1.2 pounds only. It is a good product for every culinary experts and beginner, so have yours now!

DALSTRONG Carving Knife

The last product to try is Dalstrong carving knife. The Dalstrong Knives offers quality cutlery for the buyers. Their products are the Shogun series, phantom series, gladiator series, and the Infinity series.

This carving knife of Dalton measures 12 inches and it belongs to the gladiator series. The blade is sharp and it is made of German steel which is high-carbon. It is polished and satin finished, unlike other brands. In addition, the edge is polished at 18-degree at both sides.

The handle is ergonomic and it has a full-tang. The package also includes a cloth for polishing, sheath, gift packaging, and booklet. The product dimension is 19.8″ x 3.6″ x 1.3″ and it weighs about 8.3 ounces only.

This is an award winning product for culinary experts and beginners. Dalton takes pride in their product and they offer a money-back guarantee to the buyers. Surely, you’ll love this carving knife so go ahead and check this now!

What to Look For

Buying a knife can be overwhelming at first. There are various choices in the market and if you are a first-timer, you’ll surely buy whatever type you see the first time you see it. Now, here are some of the tips to try when buying carving knife:

In buying carving knife, always consider the quality of materials. Choose products that are forged in stainless steel because this is durable, corrosion and rust-free, and it is sharp.

Next, choose knives with an ergonomic handle so it will be easy to use it even if it is wet. Some of the handles are made of Santoprene, wood, or plastic that is non-stick.

Lastly, choose knives with the right size based on your needs. Carving knives are available from 8 inches to 12 inches.


In sum, there are different kinds of knives available in the market today. There is the butcher’s knife, chef’s knife, boning knife, bread knife, and carving knife. Each knife has its own purpose, just like the carving knife.

Knives are a good investment for safe food preparation. It can also help you serve palatable dishes since the secret for having a good meal is also the use of the proper tools such as the knife.

Don’t forget to check out the products listed above and orient yourselves with the general features to look for in buying carving knives.

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