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Staying connected all the time is now a requirement in these modern times. Technology is constantly evolving, and it’s finding new ways for us to stay connected with the rest of the world, even if we’re inside a car or a vehicle. One excellent way technology has considerably helped us is with the invention of mobile devices. Because of these mobile gadgets, it’s no longer an urgent requirement to need a computer to keep us connected with friends, family, and even officemates while we’re on the go.

However, using a mobile tablet while driving is not a grand idea as it can lead to accidents. When you’re in the backseat of an automobile, using a tablet handheld can provide nausea, dizziness, and headaches. You don’t want your leather seats to be covered in barf, right?

So how can you solve these dilemmas while still being able to stay connected with your mobile tablet? The best solution for these areas of concern is with a car tablet mount.

When you have a good car tablet mount, these products can hold your gadget in an upright position while inside your vehicle without having to hold the technological marvel with your hands all the time. You can just let the mount hold your tablet while you can gaze on the display when needed. As such, it is an exemplary option for when you’re using a navigation app, or when you’re trying to let the kids in the back seat watch a movie to keep them silent throughout the entire road trip.

Some car tablet mounts are also known to be very durable as these products can withstand jerks and tugs that might happen while traveling. It can stay steady even if you’re maneuvering through aggressive turns or when you’re driving across the very bumpy terrain.

Quality car tablet mounts are also known to be quite easy to install. You don’t need professional services to have it correctly set up inside your automobile. Just consider it as a minor DIY project, and you might even be done in just a few minutes of your precious time.

Lastly, and not the least, is that car tablet mounts can help keep your hands off of the mobile gadget while you’re driving. Many apps now support voice recognition commands, especially navigation applications, so that you can just say the location out loud and the program will guide you on which route to take. You’re no longer required to hold the tablet with your hands, which would otherwise be the subject of many accidents while on the road.

iKross 2-in-1 Tablet and Cellphone Mount Holder

Many car tablet mounts look flimsy, and they might not even take the entire weight of your gadget. When you’re using low-quality mounts for your tablets, this might be the reason why you’re experiencing cracked or damaged screens on your devices. However, the iKross 2-in-1 Tablet and Cellphone Mount Holder is as sturdy as a brick, and your tablet or even your smartphone will stay in place. This mount is very secure to the point that even if you drive dangerously (but please, don’t), your mobile gadget will stay in place.

It’s also easy to install as you can correctly set it up in just a few moments of your time. Its base can also fit most types of automobiles, including recreational vehicles, trucks, or any car with a standard-sized round cup holder. Installation can be done without the use of any tools, and removal can be done in mere seconds as well.

This model also has a 10-inch swing arm, which is lengthy enough for you to reach your smartphone or tablet without stretching your arm too much. If you’re an Uber, Lyft, or Truck driver, then this might be the perfect companion for your rides. Even if you’re just the casual driver that use your car to go to and from work on a daily basis, this mount can still do wonders in helping you avoid road accidents caused by holding and operating your mobile gadgets with your hands.

iKross Car Headrest Mount Holder

The iKross Car Headrest Mount Holder is an ideal helper to keep the kids silent in the backseat of your vehicle while you concentrate on your driving skills. Unlike other car tablet mounts that are placed on cup holders, this one attaches to the headrest of the seat. It can fit the standard 2-post headrest configuration which can be found in many automobile brands and makes. You can attach it to the headrest of either the driver or passenger seat. It even has an extension arm for single or multiple passenger viewing.

Like the other iKross model mentioned in a previous section, this unit does not require a lengthy amount of time for you to install it properly. It can be done within mere moments, and you can even remove it without the use of any tools. The mount even has a 360-degree swivel ball joint to which you can use to adjust the display for an ideal viewing angle.

The mount is also as steady as it can be. It won’t move around even when you’re driving around sharp curves or bumpy roads. It can fit most Apple iPads and Android tablets.

Okra Car Seat Mount Holder

While the iKross Car Headrest Mount Holder makes use of a bar construction to hold your tablets in place, the Okra Car Seat Mount Holder directly onto the back of the headrest of either the driver or passenger seat. It has an adjustable size that can fit tablets and e-book readers up to 10.1-inches. So if you have the large iPad Pro, then you might want to look somewhere else. Nonetheless, if you do have a more compact-sized tablet, then you can fit it into this mount with minimal hassle if there are any.

As with other quality car tablet mounts, you’re not required to use any special tools for its installation as it can be done easily. It will easily attach to headrests, and it will mount itself within mere seconds. Because it attaches directly to the headrest, you can assure that it’s going to be very stable, which is a trait many are looking for in-vehicle tablet mounts. With this model, you no longer have to worry about tablets falling down the mount when you’re driving on bumpy roads, or when you suddenly swerve because of a crazy driver coming at you.

Bestrix Universal Headrest Cradle Car Mount Holder

Have you ever experienced getting stuck in heavy traffic wherein your car will only move a few inches every few minutes? It gets pretty dull with nothing to do but listen to the radio, right? It’s certainly not a good idea to honk the horn of your vehicle when you’re stuck in traffic because that won’t do you any good. So the great idea is to bring out your tablet, mount it into the Bestrix Universal Headrest Cradle Car Mount Holder and watch a movie or two. Otherwise, you can just browse the web while you’re waiting for traffic to move.

Unlike other car tablet mounts wherein it’s all metal or plastic in every way you look at them, this particular model has a soft, rubber coating that comfortably secures your tablet in place. The rubber coating also assures you that it won’t dent or mark your expensive tablets, which would otherwise be the problem with low-quality mounts as the strength of the springs might be too much for the mobile device to handle.

Perhaps one of the most amazing traits of the Bestrix Universal Headrest Cradle Car Mount Holder is it can hold tablets of up to 11-inches without any problem. You can use it to watch videos or surf the Internet with your iPad Mini 1, 2, 3, or 4, or perhaps with Samsung Tab S2. You can even read e-books with it if you have an Amazon Kindle or Kindle Fire.

APPS2Car Universal Tablet Car Mount Holder Stand

Last on this list of quality car tablet mounts, but not the least, is the APPS2Car Universal Tablet Car Mount Holder Stand. For this particular unit, it can accommodate tablets from 5 to 11-inches. It can fit the Nokia N1, the Sony Xperia Tablet Z, Z2, Z3, and Z4, or perhaps even your iPad Pro 9.7-inches. It can even provide many types of smartphones, including your iPhone 7, 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, or even your Google Nexus phone.

What’s unique about this car tablet mount is it’s installed via the CD slot of your vehicle. Therefore, it can only be installed on the dashboard area. If you’re looking for a mount that’s installed at the back of the headrest of your car seats, then the other models in this list might tickle your fancy. However, because of this design choice, you can assure that the mount and the smartphone or tablet it’s holding will stay in place, even on rough rides.


If you want to be safe while you’re driving, or perhaps you want a way to keep the kids as calm as possible while they’re in the backseat of your vehicle, then you should consider getting quality car tablet mounts. Don’t let this opportunity or thought to pass by as the safety of all the people in your vehicle is what’s at stake here.

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