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When you’re having a party outdoors or when you camp out with friends and family you can bring along the best bug zapper in order to get rid of the pesky bugs that plague your peace. This device actually kills any flying and crawling bugs that come near its light. Insects are attracted to a light source and when they get near the light of the bug zapper they get electrocuted and die. From the zapping sound that comes when a bug gets electrocuted this is where the bug zapper gets its name. These are the best products on the market.

Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer

This is a best-selling and highly recommended bug zapper that you can use for your outdoors. This is an advanced insect control with the use of electronic technology. It can kill insects with a radius a of ½ acre. You need to plus this, though. You need to follow the instructions that comes with this product. This should be placed 25 feet away from human activity and it shouldn’t be attached to any structures such as your house or your deck. When you turn this on it can give you continuous service without any interruption. The price is pretty reasonable too.

Aspectek Electronic Indoor Commercial Insect and Mosquito Zapper

Another best-selling product that you can check out is this product you can use indoors. The UV light bulbs in this bug zapper can attract different types of insects. When they get near the light bulbs they get killed and the zapping sounds are like music to your ears. The mesh of this product protects you when you accidentally get near the electrical grid so you won’t get electrocuted too. You can solve your insect problems without using any chemicals when you use this product. It’s super easy to install. It has a plastic tray that captures the dead insects.

Zap-It! Bug Zapper – Rechargeable Mosquito, Fly, and Bug Zapper Racket

The last product on our list is a portable type of bug zapper. It looks like a tennis racket so you can wave it around and directly zap the insect you want to kill. When the insect comes in contact with the bug you’re aiming at the bug immediately dies. This fly swatter has a grid with 3,000 volts that can kill flying insects such as mosquitos and flies. You can charge this fly swatter up using your USB. This is a high-powered hand-held device that’s efficient and easy to use. It has a small LED light that attracts insects.


Insects can be such a pest especially the ones which bite just like the mosquito that’s why you need to use the best bug zapper to protect yourself from illnesses brought by vectors like insects. It’s up to you whether you wanted to use an indoor type of bug zapper or an outdoor one. You can even use a handheld bug zapper so you can catch and kill the flying insect buzzing around your head. Make sure that the product is safe, durable and effective.

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