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Brushes, mops, dusters, dust pans, and, of course, brooms – these are the items that shouldn’t be absent inside a home. You’ll realize the importance of these devices after every use. After all, you don’t want your guests to catch you with a dirty and unkempt room or house, now do you? Placing these items against a wall might be a good choice for some individuals to keep them tidy and out of the way. However, some might fall down and would create a messy look. Keep your brushes, mops, and brooms organized at all times with a reliable broom holder.

Home- It Mop and Broom Holder

The Home- It Mop and Broom Holder has a premium-quality construction so you’ll take advantage of keeping your mops, rooms, and even your sports equipment out of sight and out of mind when they’re not needed. Furthermore, it won’t even hurt your budget, and you don’t even have to clean and maintain it all the time to make it last for years.

Berry Ave Broom Holder

The Berry Ave Broom Holder is an ideal unit for both indoor and outdoor use. It can hold mops, rakes, and a broad array of garden tools. For indoor use, it can hold equipment used for the kitchen, garage, and office. This commercial-grade equipment hanger even has an impressive 50-pound holding capacity, so you might even want to hang your heavy grocery bags on it when you can’t find an extra pair of hands.

RockBirds Mop and Broom Holder

When versatility and durability are your key factors when looking for a broom holder, then you ought to consider the RockBirds Mop and Broom Holder. This particular model is a wall-mounted variant, and it’s very easy to install and just leave it there for it to hang your brooms, mops, and other equipment.

What to Look For?

While many broom holders share a similar design, there are some key differences that separate each model from the crowd. For instance, some broom holders will have rolling balls that automatically adjust so that each handle will ensure a secure grip. You don’t want a broom holder that’s going to lose its purpose by making your cleaning items fall down a lot.

Aside from the extra features, many reliable broom holders on the market sport a compact design. Due to their design choices, you can practically place them just about anywhere inside your abode. There are some broom holders that sport a wall-mount design, so you can just hang your brooms and mops against the wall without so much as a worry.

Another factor to consider when purchasing broom holders is the material used during the device’s construction. You can choose from stainless steel, plastic, or other durable materials on the market for your broom holder. However, do note that these materials have their sets of pros and cons, and you need to consider your location to choose the right broom holder. For example, choosing a plastic broom holder might put the item at risk of warping if you’re living in an area with a warm or hot climate.

Lastly, look for broom holders that would have a decent number of hooks and anchors. Broom holders have a design that’ll allow you to place different cleaning items on it, so it’s best to take advantage of such a functionality so your cleaning utensils don’t look cluttered inside your home.


Never underestimate the prowess of the best broom holder on the market. Although the design is straightforward, getting a good broom holder will assure you that all of your cleaning items will stay neatly in place. You might even want to hang some other items on it, if you so desire, such as a bag with a handle or your favorite baseball cap.

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