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Have you ever wondered how modeled ships and such are placed inside a bottle? Well, for one and for sure, you won’t be able to put them piece by piece via the small opening. What about the bottom part? Well, it’s possible if it can be opened all the while not breaking every bit into pieces. But hey, it’s actually possible. What you just need to do is to cut it in half using a dedicated cutter – and that is – the bottle cutter. Pretty straightforward but it’s a useful tool to have if you plan on recycling wasted bottles.

Bottle Cutting Inc Kinkajou Bottle Cutter-Fresh

For the best bottle cutter out there, it’s about mixing functionality and fun in one package. Presenting the Bottle Cutting Inc Kinkajou Bottle Cutter-Fresh, the best bottle cutter that you can get on the market to fulfill your bottle cutting needs. The fun comes in the form of colorful variants of more than 8 colors to choose from. The Bottle Cutting Inc Kinkajou Bottle Cutter-Fresh can last more than 200 cuts thanks to the carbide steel construction. All the while cutting bottles with a circumference measuring between 43mm and 102mm. Inside the package, you’ll be getting 2 silicone separation ties that fit all bottle size, 1 glass finishing tool, and 3 pieces of silicon carbide sandpaper of 80 grit.

Ephrems Bottle Cutter Kit Bottle Glass Cutter Machine

Coming close to the best bottle cutter is the Ephrems Bottle Cutter Kit Bottle Glass Cutter Machine. For the Ephrems Bottle Cutter Kit Bottle Glass Cutter Machine, you’ll be getting a reliable bottle cutter for your professional or business needs. The second best bottle cutter comes with an 18-page instructional booklet containing quick-start guide, compound, candle, polishing paper – all while letting you create over 22 projects with it. It can handle any size of bottles thanks to the combination of the backstop and double roller for accommodating almost every bottle size available. Unlike the first one, the Ephrems Bottle Cutter Kit Bottle Glass Cutter Machine is available in one variant only.

Creator’s Bottle Cutter

Coming off as the third best bottle cutter in the list, the Creator’s Bottle Cutter meets classic measuring and modern design with the company’s attempt to lure consumers to use their great product. For the Creator’s Bottle Cutter, here’s what you’re getting for yourself in terms of bottle cutting needs. The design of the Creator’s Bottle Cutter is fairly simple clad in white and black for a simple and minimalistic looking bottle cutter together with the classic-based measuring tool which includes ground stainless carriage rods, anodized aluminum module bar, sealed ball bearing rollers, and two adjustable bushings for accommodating various bottle sizes.

What to Look For

If you’re not familiar with bottle cutting, well, that’s because the art was never given enough attention and publicity to be introduced to the public. The process of bottle cutting is fairly simple yet it provides impressive artwork bottles in which even our minds can’t think of how it happened nor how it was created. But in case this write up have piqued your mind, then we have a few guidelines when you’re looking for the best bottle cutter that would match your bottle cutting requirements.

Since bottle cutting is more of a hobby and for fun only instead of being for professional works, choosing a bottle cutter is easy and won’t require too much task, however, if you know some of the important features then your creative mind might even expand more, thus allowing you to create unimaginable bottle artworks. Even though there are some professional bottle cutting tools, the market is still dominated by hobbyist’s bottle cutters. With that said, you need to first identify if you’re buying a bottle cutter and not a bottle jar cutter.

The two are different names and different uses. That’s why before you go punching your order, best first to make sure you’re buying the right one which is a bottle cutter.

One common feature that you should look out for are the adjustable holders. These adjustable holders let the user cut bottles of different sizes depending on how much it can accommodate based on the design construction. And speaking of design construction, the ability to cleanly cut bottles relies on the material used to cut the bottle itself together with the material body construction. For this, it’s better to opt for aluminum-based bottle cutter instead of a polycarbonate one.


Bottle Cutter is a hobbyist tool that anyone can learn to use to create outstanding and unique art bottles from wasted bottles. The best bottle cutter is the Bottle Cutting Inc Kinkajou Bottle Cutter-Fresh which let even newbies create their own bottle art works easily and safely. When you’re out looking for one, make sure to identify first your expertise.

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