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If you’ve stumbled upon this post, then chances are you’re already on the market looking for the best bolt cutter. You might’ve seen such a tool being used in TV shows and movies as the actors or actresses cut fences or gates for people to break into buildings and establishments. However, bolt cutters are more than just that, and you shouldn’t do break into buildings in the first place. There are times when you need to repair certain areas on your gate or fence, and this is where bolt cutters come in handy. It’s useful when shortening or customizing bike brakes and shifter cables, and it can even help users pry open objects and materials which would otherwise be near impossible to do with your bare hands.

TEKTON Mini Bolt and Wire Cutter | 3386

The TEKTON Mini Bolt and Wire Cutter | 3386 has a forged and hardened alloy steel construction for its jaws, and it’s this characteristic that makes compound cutting easier to deal with as compared to using low-quality cutters. It can easily cut bolts, treaded rods, chains, and heavy gauge wires.

Neiko 00563A Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter

The Neiko 00563A Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter is a 35-inch premium Cr-Mo device that has jaws that can easily cut through tough objects. The durable blades have a high-frequency and heat-treated construction so it can properly resist corrosion and damage.

KNIPEX 71 12 200 Cobolt Cutters

The KNIPEX 71 12 200 Cobolt Cutters presents an exceptional cutting performance for users due to its lever action design. It can cut edges quickly and accurately with minimal effort.

What to Look For?

Know that when you’re searching for the right bolt cutter, you need to consider a few things first. Start by checking the quality of the blade. The material of the bladed edge used in cutting will heavily determine what you can do with it. If you want the best results, then go for a steel blade. In fact, look for a pair of bolt cutters with a forged steel construction with hardened edges for its blades. In doing so, you’ll have a very versatile tool wherein you won’t need frequent maintenance to make sure it lasts long.

After checking the blade quality, it’s now time to direct your attention and interests to the handle of the bolt cutter. The handle needs to be comfortable, and anything less than giving good comfort shouldn’t be part of your To Buy list. Comfortable handles are also a requirement when buying bolt cutters, especially when you’re using it for extended periods of time. Furthermore, the grip should also be of the non-slip variety. The last thing you’d want is to have the bolt cutters slip out of your hands which might even land on your foot if you’re not too careful.

Note that many manufacturers differ the materials used in the construction of the handles of the bolt cutters in comparison to the bladed portion. The most common you’d find on the market are plastic grips with steel handles. However, some bolt cutters do have aluminum handles which make the overall device lighter than others, but it also means they’re more expensive than most.


It might be tough to find the best bolt cutter on the market, especially when you find out that such a tool is available in just about every hardware store you can check in your area. The challenge here lies in which of these models will be right for the job at hand. Let this short guide help you in seeking the best bolt cutters on the market for you to gain peace of mind and excellent value in return.

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