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Want to try donning a bob wig but you don’t want to risk the disappointment when it doesn’t suit you? But you’re dying to try it, but you don’t really want to cut your hair permanently? You can achieve with the use of a bob wig. Wigs are great adornment that can transform your look in an instant. What’s great about it is you don’t have to sacrifice your hair style when you want to try different hair styles. This is also great to use when you’re an artist and you want to look different in your music videos or your play. This is also a favorite accessory by a lot of celebrities. When they take up a role for a movie or for a small screen role, they can successfully own up a new persona with the use of a wig, and bob wigs are the favorite wig of most people.

There are different bob wigs sold in the market. They are made of different materials, but the high-quality ones are made of real hair. They might be a lot more expensive compared to the synthetic ones but they look a lot better and it’s worth the price. You don’t want to look like a washed-up drag queen with cheap bob wigs, right? It’s important that in choosing a bob wig the size fits you. There are different hair colored bob wigs that you can choose from. It’s a lot of fun to try out different bob wigs. It’s also a great help for those who are suffering from alopecia or loss of hair due to a disease condition or due to chemotherapy. When you wear one, it seems like you get an instant personality transplant. It’s exciting to be different sometimes. This list will help you choose which bob wig is perfect for you.

eNilecor Straight Short Hair Bob Wigs 

eNilecor Short Bob Hair Wig 12'' Straight Flat Bangs Cosplay Wigs (Light Blonde)

This is the most popular bob wig product that we found in the market. You can choose from different colors, but the hair colors that we found so far are blonde and brunette ones. It seems like they have a light brown too and a red one based on the reviews. The good thing about this product is it has a good texture that’s akin to real hair. The inside of the bob wig has a breathable net so you can wear it comfortably whole day long. Placing this on your head is really easy too. With the two straps, this bob wig has, you can adjust the right fit that’s perfect for you. You can also intertwine them to a fixed position so that your bob wig will stay in place no matter what you do the whole day. The good about this is it can actually fit different head sizes.

The price of one bob wig from this brand is quite good. It’s very reasonable for such a good quality product. Some people might have some issues about how shiny this is at first, but you can remedy it by spraying some shampoo onto it and after that, it won’t look too shiny. This was taken from a suggestion based on the reviews and it works great that way. You can be fashionable and stylish even if you’re undergoing chemotherapy or immersing yourself in a role for a play, movie or if you just want to have fun with your hair. You’ll feel and look like a whole lot different person when you have fun with your look and the best way to do that is to don a wig such as a bob wig.

OneDor Straight Flapper Bob Wig 

OneDor 10” Short Straight Flapper Bob Heat Friendly Cosplay Party Costume Hair Wig (1B-Off Black)

The next product on our list is another highly rated one that has a reasonable price. When you first look at it, you might think that it’s too synthetic for your liking. This is actually made of 100% synthetic fiber so it’s normal that it looks too stiff and unnatural at first. What’s great about the synthetic fiber strands is it’s heat-resistant. Even if you wear this wig under extreme heat conditions it won’t look frizzy or messy. This has a wig-centering look that’ll look good on anyone. The design and the cut of the wig are perfect for a bob hairstyle. The mesh head cap is easy to apply on your head. It fits perfectly for the regular head size of male and female. It’s also quite secure so you can perform your daily activities without worrying about your bob wig falling off.

You can now transform your look in seconds when you don this great-looking bob wig. It’s designed to give you comfort even if you have to wear this whole day long. What’s great about this is you can reuse this. Washing this is very easy. Even if you wash this with shampoo, preferably just a small amount, and wash it off with cold water, you can maintain the condition of your bob wig. You won’t be disappointed by the good quality and condition of this product. It’ll look flattering for anyone. You can try it out and see yourself transform drastically without cutting your hair off.

RoyalStyle Short Bob Wigs

RoyalStyle 11.8"30cm Short Hair Natural As Real Cosplay Bob Wigs(Brown)

Now, this is a bob wig that can make you look like a bomb. It has the right length of shortness that you and anyone can say is the perfect bob that’s flattering for anyone’s face shape. With this, you can have a new fashionable hairdo without chopping your hair off. The two straps of this bob wig make it easy for you to adjust this to your head that’s comfortable for you. Even if you wear this whole day long, you won’t feel any discomfort. You can also confidently go about your daily activities without worrying about your bob wig from falling. The mesh of the bob wig is made to fit most head sizes.

The hair itself is made of synthetic fiber but unlike other wigs made of synthetic materials, this doesn’t look as fake. The synthetic fiber strands are resistant to high temperatures which are great. This product is actually made to last for a very long time so it’s a great bargain to invest on this. Some people might have mixed reviews about this but there are more positive reviews about this. You should have an inkling about how to take care of wigs in order to have a long-lasting and well-conditioned wig to last for a long time. With the stylish design of this bob wig, you can look like a new person when you wear this.

MapofBeauty Beautiful Women’s Short Straight BOB Wig 

MapofBeauty Beautiful Women's Short Straight BOB Wig (Jet Black)

If you’re looking for an inexpensive bob wig then you might want to check this out. This might not be the most popular and highly rated one in the market but this is a pretty decent one that you can use. Some people don’t want to invest on a pricey bob wig especially if they don’t plan to wear it for long. So, if you’re one of those people who’d settle for a decent yet inexpensive bob wig then this one might be the perfect one for you. This is made of Kanekalon Fiber and it has a side-sweep bangs that are quite cute if you can rock it with your facial shape. The length of the hair is about 30 cm which is a little bit above the shoulder. The straight strands of hair is cut in a way that’s reminiscent of a real hair bob.

Some people had problems with the length of the bangs itself, but you can remedy that by trimming it, no biggie. Some also used a flat iron to press the front sides of the bob wig a little bit. Whatever suits your preference you can do that with this bob wig. The hair fibers are resistant to heat so you can do whatever you wanted to do with it in order to suit your style. The price of this product is quite good enough so having minor touch-ups can’t be that bad, don’t you think? Whether you wanted to look a little edgier or you opt for the innocent, posh bob look then do what best suits your style. There are many things you can do to make this bob wig last longer. As long as you have knowledge about proper wig maintenance then this can last longer.

Netgo Black and Brown Ombre Bob Wig 

Netgo Black and Brown Ombre Bob Wig Short Straight Synthetic Full Wigs for Black Women

This is a pretty cool bob wig and unlike other products that we found, this is the only one that has an ombre hair color on it. Ombre was a huge hype last year and the popularity of the hair color style has lasted until this year with an incorporation of different colors and design. The unique look makes you look a lot more chic and hot. If you’re dying to try ombre and a bob haircut but you don’t have the courage to cut and dye your hair then you can try to wear this ombre bob wig first. Who says’s wearing wigs is boring? You can achieve a chic look in an instant when you wear this bob wig.

This is a well-made bob wig. You won’ notice any hair strands falling out or getting frizzy from heat since it’s made of top-quality materials. It has the perfect length. It’s not too short and it’s not too long. You can even adjust the length if you want to. You can cut the length if you want it to be shorter. Unlike other products, this doesn’t look shiny and fake. Some wigs look to synthetic and you have to do some tricks in order to remove the shine, but with this one, it looks like real hair even at first glance. Even the texture of the hair strands is quite good. It feels like real hair and it looks like real hair. Even the price is quite good for such a great-looking product.


You can rock that bob haircut without cutting your hair when you use the best bob wig. There are bob wigs that have different hair color and length as long as they’re cut in a bob haircut way. Choose one that you want to wear. Make sure they’re made of good-quality materials and they look realistic too.

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