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Having children is a really great experience for a family. Some folks say that kids complete the family and so you want to make the best that you can in order to keep them safe, happy and well-taken care of but there are just some moments that you just don’t have the power to stop or control. Take accidents for example, you can’t predict much less prevent it from happening around your loved ones.

Not only for those who have children but for those people who are animal lovers, accidents can also occur for your beloved pets especially if you are not around because all animals are just naturally explorative and curious. If only all of the things in the world are either child friendly, child safe, or baby proof but there no such thing.

So you, as the head of the family and the person who’s responsible for your loved ones’ safety, you need to find a way in order to keep you children or/and your pets safe and unharmed. What kind of accidents am I talking about? Accidents that occur commonly around your house is a pretty regular thing because people always think that being in your own house you are safe from things that might hurt you but that’s just not the case because of our technology today there are just home appliances that can wound or injure us making it unsafe for your whole family.

The most common one is the traditional fan, many accidents already occurred around this thing because of unsupervised children and pets, machine malfunctions, and wrong handling. Although stand and desk fan do have shield or caging to prevent accidents, the slats in each fan is just not small enough for explorative pets and curious little hands to get through it and create accidents.

Thankfully, bladeless fan came in and thanks to this invention that parents and pet owners can breathe and relax while their pets or children use it because even if they explore the ling it wouldn’t harm them because they don’t have fan blades like traditional fans do. If you are planning to buy one but don’t have any idea yet about what’s the best thing then you might want to check out this best bladeless fan products I’ve got just  for you.

Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

This first product on our list just exudes sleekness and luxury because of its functions and appearance. This bladeless fan product is called the Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan by Dyson. This product is made from high quality materials and premium grade technology. This product got a lot of amazing features that would make it worth your money.

This bladeless fan is specially made with air multiplier technology that allows the device to accelerate the air through annular aperture that magnets the air that surrounds it to give off a high-velocity cooling airflow which makes this product independent of blades and makes air circulation smooth.

Another great thing about it is that it is specially designed to have a quiet performance and that’s all because of its streamlined air channels that reduce the noise by 60% because it reduces the airflow turbulence, it can produce great airflow while using minimal power, and it has a sleep timer that allows you to set the fan to turn off after intervals that ranges from 15 minutes up to 9 hours.

Moreover, this product includes a really sleek and curved remote control that allows you to control the airflow settings, and it’s magnetized to the machine for an easy storage.

Trademark 72-HE519 TG Bladeless Fan

Are you tired of plain regular bladeless fan? Do you want something that looks fun and cute? The this 2nd product on our list will not only get that circulation going but also make a really cute piece of décor to your home. This product is called the 72-HE519 TG Bladeless Fan by Trademark. This product is specially designed to be table desk electric fan, and it is lightweight that it is so easy to carry around everywhere in the house.

Another great feature of this product is that not only it is a fan but also it has a LED light that changes color to red, blue, green, and purple. Moreover, this product is powered by your laptop or pc through the USB cable that is included in the product, it is very safe for your pets and children because it does not use blade to create air circulation, and it uses a technology called airfoil-shaped ramp that allows the machine to leverages the airflow in the room to make a blast of cool smooth air.

This product is a really great additional for your home and a more perfect gift for loved ones during holidays and special occasions.

Lasko AC600 Air Logic Bladeless Tower Fan

A healthy air circulation lets you inhale ionized air. So, if you are looking for a bladeless fan that can do that then this next product on our list is a must have for you. This product is called the AC600 Air Logic Bladeless Tower Fan from Lasko. This product keeps the airflow fresh by using a technology that lets it infuse the air with ion making it healthier for you and your family.

Another great feature of this product is that it has a really easy click system that allows you to easily get the permanent washable filter so you can give it a thorough cleaning either by vacuuming or rinsing, and it has the Eztouch remote control that has an included batteries for a much deserved convenience.

Moreover, this product comes to you fully assemble already so you don’t have to hassle yourself in using this, it is so lightweight that you can carry it around your house, and if you are worried about the small space in your house then don’t because this product has an ergonomic design that allows you to use minimal space in your home. Also, this product features an exclusive cool channels and patented blower that allows the machine to give it maximum performance and a quiet environment all at the same time.

Viatek UBF01-B Breezie Table Top Bladeless Fan

Here’s another bladeless fan that you can use on your desk and a product that has a lot of features to offer that will surely impress you. What I’m talking about is this product called the UBF01-B Breezie Table Top Bladeless Fan from Viatek.

This product has a lot of great features and made from incredible technology, and such features are the dual power design that keeps the product running either by USB connection or your good ol’ battery which can be a pretty convenient for the users since then can bring it with them and just plug to their laptop, power bank, or their computer and put the product beside them or they can use battery if they want to.

Another great thing about this product is that it has an adjustable angled back that lets you redirect the breeze by readjusting where the fan is facing, and if you are not satisfied with the regular airflow that this thing is doing then you can always activate the cool breeze feature that has cooling sponges that blast you an air-condition-liked airflow. Moreover, it is very lightweight and portable that is perfect for convenient carrying all around the house, and it’s not bulky which is great for small spaces.

LOHOME Bladeless Cooling Fan

I never thought that we’ll reach the end of the line! Anyway, this product will impress you with its performance and quiet airflow work. This product is called this the Portable Air-conditioning Chargeable Mini Bladeless Cooling Fan. This product is a great air-circulating tool for your home especially if you have children and/or pets because it does not have any blade that can cut and create unwanted accidents.

Another great feature that it has is that it has a lower noise than most fans in the market which can only range from 30-60 decibel depending on the level of speed that you want your bladeless fan to perform. Moreover, this product has an airfoil-shaped ramp that maximize the airflow which in turn make a blast of air that is cool and smooth, and since it has no blades in it, it is so easy and very simple to clean.

Also, this product uses a minimal amount of energy to function so you can actually save more than your regular bladeless fan, it is very lightweight and so easy to carry around with you, and does not take too much space around your house perfect for space saving and tight spaces.


Getting the right bladeless fan for you and your family can be tricky, especially if you don’t know the features that you need and want for your family. I hope these best bladeless fan products helped you and given you the necessary information for you to decide which product and features you want for your bladeless fan.

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