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Like cars, bikes also need to be maintained because they tend to be subjected to wear-and-tear as well. One of the most vulnerable areas is the chain of the bike. This area needs constant lubrication to remove any dirt, grime, or contaminant that’s attached to it and for it to move like it’s brand new. These bike greases are made with different oils that starts as wet and eventually dries up like wax film on the chain so they no longer attract unnecessary things. Here are top 3 bike greases in the market that customers have highly-rated and reviewed.

Finish Line Chain Lube

One of the most-reviewed and highly-rated bike grease in the market is this one from Finish Line. This grease is kind of deceiving because it goes out of the bottle wet but dries up on your bike chain like synthetic wax film. This wax film helps keep your chain clean by preventing from any dirt, grime, or dust from being absorbed on the chain. This is a very popular bike grease because it’s extremely versatile and can be used for road and off-road bicycles. The oil is very slick and long-lasting. This is the best choice for different cycling conditions.

Tri-Flow Bike Lubricant

Tri-Flow offers a bike grease that features a superior lubricant drip bottle. This is a specially formulated solvent that will clean, soften, and remove dirt or contaminants from your bike chain that will make it look and feel new again. It contains light viscosity oils that guarantee deep penetration into moving parts and areas that are hard to reach. The petroleum oils give you maximum lubrication even under extreme temperatures. You can use this regardless if it’s -60 degrees or 475 degrees outside. It has PTFE lubricant additives that will also give longer protection against moisture, metal-on-metal wear, corrosion, and rust.

White Lightning Chain Lube

Another bike grease in a drip-and-squeeze bottle is this one from White Lightning. The company’s Clean Ride bike grease is an original that features its self-cleaning property. This property is triggered by dirt, grit, or grime that attaches itself to the chain or gets absorbed. Once there’s anything attached to it, it automatically cleans itself up so you won’t have to constantly feed it with the grease. It sets as a dry wax film so it doesn’t attract unnecessary dirt or contaminants. With its self-cleaning feature, all the contaminants will be removed as you ride your bike. Convenient and affordable.

What to look for

With several bike lubricants in the market, you’re bound to be flooded with different options but not all are ideal for you. Here are the things you need to look out for when buying bike grease:

  • Ingredients – read up on the ingredients of the lubricant so you’d know what it’s made of. Most of the greases are made with natural oils like petroleum that really help with keeping the chain working and clean.
  • Setting state – look for a bike grease that sets itself up as dry wax film so it doesn’t attract more contaminants that slow you down when you ride it. Also look for a bike grease that will easily seep into areas that are very hard to reach so you won’t be hassled by having to reach them on your own manually.
  • Compatibility – whether your bike is suitable for road or off-road settings, make sure that the grease is compatible with the bike so you won’t waste your money on it. There are greases that are suitable for any kind of bike so might want to purchase that kind, in case you have a lot of other bikes that need to be taken care of.


These bike greases help you restore your bike to its newly-purchased state. If not, it should at least help with maintaining the performance of your bike like before it became hard to control. These bike greases help a lot with keeping your chains clean and free from any kind of contaminant. Just make sure that you check up on the chain as often as possible to see if you need to apply more. Convenience and maintenance will be hit with one stone with these bike greases.

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