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Have nothing to do on a weekend and would rather travel around your neighborhood with your trusted bike? Even if you know very well the area that you’re traversing, see to it that you ride safely and peacefully with our best bicycle bells.

Mirrycle Bicycle Bell

Are you embarrassed of yelling others just to warn them that you and you’re bike’s about to pass? Call their attention discretely this time with Mirrycle Incredibell Brass Duet Bicycle Bell.

This bicycle bell has a loud, resonating sound. In fact, when you push its lever, it produces two “ding” sounds to immediately alert people, unlike those that create long, pitchy sounds that could be very annoying.

This product measures 7 inches long, 4.5 inches wide, and 2 inches thick. Choose from varying shades – black, blue, brass, chrome-plated, green, orange, pink, and purple with caps.

Crystalcity-6662 Bicycle Bell

Afraid that your bicycle bell might malfunction when soaked in the rain? Replace it with Crystalcity-6662 Mini Alloy Bicycle Bell and you won’t worry about such a problem.

This bicycle bell has a rainproof component that makes it highly water-resistant. So, even if you’re bike suddenly gets wet from the sudden rain downpour, you can still count on it to work properly, if you decide to go out the following day.

This product’s compatible with handles measuring 21.7 to 24 millimeters. Want a color that suits your mood? Choose from colors – black, green, purple, red, and silver.

Biria Bicycle Bell

Hate a bicycle bell that’s too big on the handle bars? When you want a proportionately-sized bicycle bell, turn to Biria Mini Black Bicycle Bell.

This bicycle bell has an eye-catching design that’s not too bulky on your bike’s handlebars for flawless fit and easy maneuver. It’s rainproof as well, so you won’t worry about the possibility of a malfunction once it gets wet.

This product’s affordable yet it delivers exactly what it promises, in terms of size and utility. As a matter of fact, even if you put on your headphones, you could still hear its sound.

What to Look For

Selecting a dependable bicycle bell matters a lot because it becomes a big help, when you travel on roadsides or even within your neighborhood. But to ensure that it maintains the kind of assistance that you expect from it, here are the things that you should always heed.

  • Sound – Purchase a bicycle bell that produces a subtle sound. Be very careful when it comes to this bell feature because there are bicycle bells that give either high-pitched, lingering sounds or low sounds. Remember, your purpose is to warn people that there’s a passer-by and you don’t want to either piss them off or ignore you.
  • Color – If your bicycle has a neutral shade like gray or black, you might need to give it an identifying mark, so you could easily spot it in dimly-lit places. As such, this is where you have to consider a bicycle bell’s color. Ask the seller if the bicycle bell comes in your favorite color.
  • Handlebar Size – Get a bicycle bell that perfectly fits your bike’s handlebar size. If you’re having second thoughts regarding your bike’s handlebar size, measure them, then look for a bicycle bell with the same size. Doing this prevents your bicycle bell from shaking, dangling, or falling off.


Getting a bicycle bell with reference to its sound, color, and your bike’s handlebar size, ensures you and others’ security, without causing a commotion.

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