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Most of the time, bees are not our favorite insects on this planet. They can be pretty annoying with their stings and the sounds they produce. It’s also pretty inconvenient when you get attacked all of a sudden, not knowing where they came from. To help with this problem, people have invented bee traps to help catch and trap bees in the hopes of treating the problem.

These bee traps attract bees into a storage that will keep them there until you clear it or they die within the trap. Some of the traps have multiple entrances while some have strategically designed entrances that will also help with luring the bees. These traps can either require some liquids or none at all. These traps all aim to lure bees and prevent them from getting out to help you treat the problem. You can just place the trap somewhere near the common place where bees usually come from and leave it there to do its work. You’ll be surprised that your problem will be solved right away.

There are a lot of traps in the market and some of them might not work for you. To help you know the best trap to purchase, the list below shows the top 5 bee traps that people highly recommend. These traps will surely help you get rid of bees around your area.

Aspectek Trap for Bees, Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets

If you’re looking for a trap that can lure other creatures, then this one’s for you. This highly effective trap from Aspectek will give you wonderful results. IT also has a lot of different features at such a cheap price.

This trap contains an irresistible mixture of sugar and water that will definitely attract yellow jackets, hornets, and, most importantly, bees. This trap has multiple tunnels so you don’t have to stress or fuss over finding the right position for it. Once the pests enter the bottom section, they fly up the chamber but they won’t be able to get out of the trap. This is designed with an 18-inch cord that’s conveniently long so that you can hang it anywhere for maximum exposure. It comes with a lure recipe in its manual. This can definitely be used over and over again and can easily be washed clean.

You have to place this trap somewhere far from crowded places, though. To help keep your area sting-free, you should definitely consider buying this affordable trap.

Bees N Things Bee Trap

If you’re looking for a trap that’s easily attractive to bees, then this one’s for you. Bees N Things offers a trap that will surely be effective and get rid of your bee problems in no time. It’s quite affordable for you so you won’t regret buying this trap.

This bee trap is specially designed to already be attractive for bees so you won’t have a hard time luring them to the trap. With its attractive design, it doesn’t need to be paired with chemicals or tools. This feature lets you save on the possible things to buy for the bee trap itself. This trap is also designed with a very big storage that will keep the bees inside for a long time. The jar on this bee trap is also removable to let you relocate the bees after you catch them and allowing you to easily clean the jar and the trap if it gets dirty. Once they get in, they won’t be able to get out.

This bee trap is proven to be effective by their own tests and customers as well. You can totally trust on this one for treating your problems with bees. You no longer have to battle it out with the bees every time. It’s even affordable.

Best Bee Brothers Bee Trap

If you want a trap with a replaceable bottle, Best Bee Brothers offers a one-of-a-kind bee trap. Convenience and effectiveness are truly prioritized with this product. Not only that, it’s also quite affordable for you.

This effective bee trap has a very attractive design, not only for the bees but also for humans as well. It doesn’t require any additional chemical to be used. You don’t have to worry about additional expenses and it will be safer around your family, especially with kids. This trap is designed to look like a natural bee nest to easily attract and lure bees into it. The entrance is strategically placed at an angle to let bees in but makes it impossible for them to get out. Once they’re already inside, they will die and fall onto the plastic bottle. The dead bees will also help attract other bees because of the pheromones they’ll release. Once the bottle is full, you can just easily remove and empty it for another cycle to start.

You can choose from 12-ounce, 16-ounce, 2-litter bottles to attach to the trap. With all the benefits you get from this bee trap, you will surely purchase more to help treat the problem faster. It’s affordable for such a useful thing.

Best Bee Brothers Box Bee Trap

Another bee trap from Best Bee Brothers is this box trap. It has a different design but will still deliver the same amazing results. This trap is built with the same principles for all of their products and guarantees effectiveness. It’s slightly expensive than other traps but you won’t regret buying this one.

This box trap is made of strong pine wood that’s definitely strong enough to last for a long time. Pinewood can also be very attractive for bees so it has a dual purpose. With this material, you won’t ever need to use pesticides or any other kind of chemical because it’s already attractive on its own. This feature makes it safe for families, especially the ones with kids. The entrance of this box trap is angled so it blocks the light from entering the trap, making the bottle at the bottom the only light source. This will help keep the bees in the bottle until they die. It features a funnel that will prevent any clogging from happening by directly leading the bees to the bottle.

The funnel also lets you attach a plastic bottle or a mason jar, whichever you prefer. Each package of this bee trap comes with a starter bottle in case you don’t have one. For a jar that’s attractive to bees, you would want to purchase more and give this to your friends because it works so well.

Bees N Things Backmount Bee Trap

If you’re not a fan of hanging traps, this back mount trap will be a great choice for you. Another bee trap from Bees N Things will help you solve your problems in no time. It’s also one of the most affordable bee traps in the market.

Unlike hanging traps, you will mount this one on any wooden structure easily. It’s designed to be compatible with any kind of structure, no need to worry whether it’ll be compatible or not. Its design will easily attract bees, especially with the material that’s used for the trap. You can attach a plastic jar for the bees to directly go to once they go inside. The entrance is angled to prevent light from coming, hence, making the plastic bottle the only source of light which will help keep the bees there. This trap will surely catch a lot of bees and get rid of your problem in no time.

What to look for

The problem’s not really that easy to solve so you need to have a bee trap that can help get rid of the problem. Not all traps are wonderfully designed to help you so here are things you need to look for when looking for the right one:

  • Design – the design of the trap must be able to compliment or address your needs especially when you need it. It must be able to have the features that will help lure bees into the trap and stop them from getting out.
  • Material – the material that’s used for the trap must also compliment the purpose of the trap. The material must also be strong and sturdy enough to avoid wasting money and will let it last long wherever you want to hang it.
  • Size – the size must be big enough to store in a lot of bees or just enough to keep them in their. The size of the trap must also be convenient enough for you to hang or place it anywhere you want. If it’s a hanging trap, the size must be light enough to let it hang easily.


These bee traps are designed to attract the bees while keeping them in. These traps are made to be conveniently placed in areas that will better attract the bees and keep them away from you. With these, you no longer have to worry about the insects and live peacefully in no time.

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