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The bathroom is the place where you take time to rejuvenate, before and after a long and stressful day outside. As a matter of fact, it allows you to wash away all the physical impurities, to make you feel refreshed. In other words, you should keep it as such without any unnecessary extras that might ruin your day even more.

Since nobody wants to be consistently in a bad mood, or in any type of danger while taking a bath, give our top five bath mat recommendations a try to make your bath time more convenient than usual.

Epica Bath Mat

Does your bath mat irritatingly cling to your foot when you step on it? To avoid any serious injury from it, you need a bath mat that stays in place like Epica Anti-Slip Bath Mat.

This bath mat is made of a strong rubber and suction cup components to keep it firmly fixed on the bathtub base. So, if you’re in a hurry to get in and out of the bathtub because you have a very important schedule for the day, it perfectly remains as is, no matter what move you make. What’s more to like about it is that it has an anti-mildew technology that prevents the growth of molds and other harmful microorganisms.

Aside from its safety features, this 1-pound, machine-washable product provides an extra amount of comfort because it has a naturally soft rubber surface. This particular area is specifically designed to sooth aching feet.

Simple Deluxe Bath Mat

Is your bath mat too small to cover a sufficient space of your bathtub? When you’re looking for a bath mat that’s large enough for precautionary measures, count on Simple Deluxe Extra Long Slip-Resistant Bath Mat.

This bath mat has a surprisingly huge coverage area because it measures 39 inches long and 16 inches wide. Imagine, it’s about 30% bigger than any other typical bath mat which allows you to move freely on a greater and more secure environment. Moreover, it has a hypoallergenic vinyl material that doesn’t contain toxic chemicals.

This 1.2-pound, machine washable product also has a portion filled with suction cups that stick in place, and give a massaging sensation, for those who feel tired or stressed. For best results, make sure you put it on a smooth surface. It comes in five colors – clear, white, blue, pink, and green.


Hate walking on a cold, tiled floor before and after taking a bath? Then it’s time you get back on your feet and feel comfortable again, with the help of VDOMUS Non-Slip Microfiber Shag Bathroom Mat.

This bath mat is made of chenille microfiber material that absorbs water faster than those of its similar kind to keep your bathroom floor perfectly dry. Plus, the 3-cm micro fiber strands are ultra soft under your feet yet adequately warm against the biting cold. It even offers a relaxing sensation, if you usually suffer from feet cramps, and an anti-skid property that prevents it from sliding or moving.

This 1.1-pound product comes in basic colors that you can easily blend with your bathroom interiors and decorations – dark gray, white, dark blue, beige, and dark brown. Furthermore, it’s machine-washable, and shrink-resistant so it looks as good as new, even after every wash.

What to Look For

Picking a specific bath mat look simple at a glance but it requires a meticulous search and wise judgment, especially if it entails your loved-ones’ health and safety. So, for you to stay on the right path, follow these pointers carefully.

  • Antibacterial Property – When shopping for bath mats, look for those that are specially designed with antibacterial properties because they prevent the growth of microorganisms that might lead to fungal infections and other diseases.
  • Thickness – Don’t get bath mats that are either too thin or too thick. If your bath mat’s too thin, your feet might still accidentally lift or move it causing you to trip. If your bath mat’s too thick, you might have a hard time washing or keeping it clean.
  • Color – Always choose bath mats that contain minimal designs and neutral colors so you can easily put them in your bathroom without violating the rules of art.


By purchasing a bath mat according to its antibacterial property, thickness, and color, you not only maintain your bathroom’s natural purpose but also make it as a secondary place for relaxation.

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