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If you’re serious about baseball, then you need the proper gear to go along with it. We’re not just talking about the balls, the baseball bat, and even the catcher’s mitt; we’re going to talk about the bat bag. After all, where are you going to put all your baseball related stuff? You’re not even thinking about bringing them all by hand, are you? If so, then it’s time to step up your game and bring some convenience into your baseball career or hobby with the best bat bag.

Easton E100T Tote Bat Bag

The Easton E100T Tote Bat Bag is available in different colors and designs, namely Black, Green, Gray, Navy Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, and Royal Blue. The construction of this bat bag has structural piping to promote maximum volume. It can fit in two bats, and it also has valuable pockets that protect sensitive equipment from damage or breaking. It’s made out of T420D hex rip stop and 600D polyester to make for optimum durability.

Athletico Baseball Bat Bag

The Athletico Baseball Bat Bag has a breathable construction to keep ventilation in while keeping the stink out. Each of the adjustable portions in the backpack will have padded shoulder straps and lumbar support. It also has an improved storage design as compared to other models on the market. You can easily access all your baseball equipment through its integrated fence hook for when placing the bag in the dugout.

Franklin Sports MLB Batpack

The Franklin Sports MLB Batpack has a large storage compartment, and it’s complete with proper ventilation so you don’t have to worry about your sweaty equipment stinking up the insides of the bag. Furthermore, it has superior portability and it also comes with an easy-to-use fence hook for storage.

What to Look For?

Note that baseball bat bags don’t just share a single design throughout the market. Instead, they’re known for giving different baseball players varying features, depending on what primary position you play in the team.

For instance, if you take a look at the classic, non-wheeled bat bag, you’re going to generally get a bag with features such as a durable polyester construction, strong hauling handles (for easy transport), a large storage capacity, multiple compartments for different baseball gear, and J-hooks or fence hooks to easily hang the bag on a fence. Do take note, however, that most classic baseball equipment bags don’t sport any wheels. Hence, you really need to haul them using your back and shoulders.

On the other hand, there’s also the classic wheeled version of the baseball bat bag. This variant carries most of the features of the non-wheeled version except this time it has strong inline wheels found at the base end. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about lugging the bag over your shoulders and back. If you find the weight of your equipment inside the bag to be too heavy, then just put it on the ground and pull it using the wheels.

These are not the only two variations for bat bags that you can purchase on the market as there’s also the baseball catcher’s equipment bag. Albeit not technically created for the purpose of placing baseball bats in it, the catcher’s equipment bag allows users to place some baseball bats inside it, along with all the necessities of being a catcher.


Good gear won’t come cheap, so if you’re looking at bat bags you’re bound to take a look at expensive pieces of baseball equipment to help you carry all your gear. However, the price tags are well-justified as most of these bags will have excellent durability levels and a good number of features.

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