Best Basting Brushes

You might be more familiar with a pastry brush, but a basting brush and a pastry brush are actually the same cooking tool. It’s used to spread oil, butter or glaze to your food before, during and even after cooking. This is traditionally made of natural bristles, but recent product releases include basting brushes made of silicone bristles. There are also basting brushes made of plastic or nylon fiber. It’s a great tool to use when baking, frying, grilling and other types of cooking. Here are some of the basting brush we found on the market.

OXO Good Grips Silicone Basting & Pastry Brush

OXO Good Grips Silicone Basting & Pastry Brush - Small

Products from OXO are known for their resilience and awesome performance. This has a unique bristle design that actually retains its natural color even after repeated use and cleaning. Even if you use colored dressings, glaze and sauce for your food it won’t get easily stained. The bristles doesn’t clump either. The ends of the bristles are tapered so you can use it for delicate pastries. The center area of the bristles in this product has a gap which actually helps hold a lot more liquids in order for you to effectively spread it all over your food.

Good Cook Classic Pastry / Basting Brush

If you’re leaning towards a cleaning design for basting brush then you might prefer this product instead. You can get two pastry brushes at such a low price and it has a traditional design used by many cooks way before the silicone basting brushes were born. This product is made of natural materials. It has a wooden handle and the bristles are made naturally. It’s an ideal basting brush to use when you’re grilling BBQ but it’s also used for pastries. The two brushes in this set are composed of a 1 inches and 1.5 inches basting brush.

mKitchen Silicone Basting Pastry Oil Brush

This is a best-selling pair of basting brush with bristles made of silicone which is great for grilling as well as in marinating. You can also efficiently use this for baking. If you don’t like to see strands of hair bristles all over your food then you might want to use this type of basting brush. This product is made of premium quality materials that are made to last. It won’t melt even under extreme heat and won’t discolor even after you use colored marinate and other glazes. It’s super easy to clean preventing bacteria build-up.


When it comes to cooking you need to use a well-made and durable product that you can easily clean, is durable and safe to use. You need to use the best basting brush in order to efficiently add your glaze, oil and even marinate your food. It’s up to you if you prefer to use a well-made traditional basting brush made of natural materials or you prefer to use a modern one made of silicone in order to prevent any bristle hair added to your food. As long as the product is well-made and can effectively hold liquid then it’s great to use.


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