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What’s a basal thermometer? It’s a type of thermometer that’s specifically designed for use for pregnant women. It’s useful in charting basal body temperature to track ovulation, and many variants across the market are inexpensive so it won’t break banks or put a huge dent in your spending allowance. Many units will even boast that they are accurate to the 1/100th degree, and most of the models on the market do keep their promises. If you’re having difficulty searching for the right basal thermometer, then read onto check out some ideal examples.

MABIS Basal Thermometer

MABIS Basal Thermometer, Digital BBT Thermometer, Basal Body Temperature Thermometer For Natural Family Planning, White and Pink

The MABIS Basal Thermometer helps women easily detect and track any possible signs of ovulation. The readings are shown on an easy-to-read LCD display, and it also has a helpful tone to know when the device finishes reading temperature levels. The package includes a clear plastic storage case, as well as a replaceable LR41 long-life battery that can last up to 12-months of ovulation charts.

Clinical Basal Thermometer – BBT-113A2A by iProvèn

Clinical Basal Thermometer - BBT-113A2A by iProvèn - ACCURATE 1/100th Degree, Highly SENSITIVE, Perfect Companion for Family Planning

The Clinical Basal Thermometer – BBT-113A2A by iProvèn advertises itself to be a highly accurate temperature reading device as it’s accurate to the 1/100 degree. Interested buyers should be forewarned right off the bat that this isn’t an ordinary thermometer as it’s specifically designed to keep track of the ovulation patterns of women.

Smart Basal Thermometer by Femometer

Femometer - Smart Basal Thermometer - Highly Sensitive BBT Testing - Digitally Track Fertility and Ovulation for Natural Family Planning Purple

The Smart Basal Thermometer by Femometer is a highly-accurate device as it can bring precise readings down to the 1/100 degree. It’s specially designed for predicting ovulation days. It also comes with a cute lipstick design, and its connected features come with a handy smartphone app. The mobile application also stores all the data you require for easy viewing. This device also records conception rate calculation, and it eliminates manually entering results on a chart.

What to Look For?

Different basal thermometers come from varying manufacturers, and some brands like to be unique from the rest of the crowd by making their products with different features, materials, qualities, price, and durability levels.

Some basal thermometers are worth getting more than others. For instance, modern technology helped bring about the existence of the digital basal thermometer, in which it can have a functionality known as memory recall. This feature allows users to record your temperature first thing in the morning, and it’ll still show you the same temperature the next time you turn on the device.

Digital basal thermometers will also have a beeping sound to indicate that it’s finished reading your temperature, and this essential yet seemingly straightforward functionality takes the guesswork out of frequently checking if the device already completed its task or not. Furthermore, the beeping sound also helps you wake up should you accidentally fall asleep with the device still in your mouth.

Interested buyers should always be reminded, however, that digital basal thermometers are battery-operated. Therefore, if you use the device more frequently than most other types of thermometers (especially if you use it daily), then you might want to buy an extra set of batteries just to make sure that the unit remains operable.

Lastly, make sure that you get a basal thermometer that doesn’t exceed the limitations of your spending allowance. You don’t want to blow off a huge chunk of your budget on just a thermometer, and many expecting mothers know that being pregnant is not a cheap endeavor.


When searching for the best basal thermometer, look for features that include a backlit display (if it’s a digital unit), easily readable in dark areas, has the ability to recall different temperature levels, can be accurate to 1/100th of a degree, and, perhaps most importantly, it should be found at a reasonable price point.

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