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Ready for another road trip outside? Before you head out, are you sure that your bike’s equipped with the right bar tape? A bar tape’s important in embarking on a safe and relaxing journey outside. Because of this, don’t settle for one that offers nothing but false promises. You need the real deal. Take your time to browse through our list of best bar tapes and discover the one that you truly deserve.

SRAM Bar Tape

Want to gain more steering control over your bicycle’s handlebars? Turn to SRAM Super Cork Bicycle Bar Tape and you won’t be disappointed.

This bar tape is made of a polyurethane, cork-infused material to enhance grip strength and act as a support pad for your hands. Worried that it might not stick properly to the handlebars? You don’t have to because it’s an interchangeable 3M adhesive that securely wraps itself around the handlebars, so you won’t accidentally strip it off. With it, you can easily maneuver your bicycle, which makes it a valuable partner on the road.

But don’t be fooled by its fragile appearance because this light-weight product’s surprisingly durable enough to withstand damage. Want to know if it’s available in the color of your choice? Then take your pick from – black, blue, pink, red, white, and yellow. It comes with handlebar end plugs and a finishing tape.

Planet Bike Bar Tape

Thinking that your ordinary bar tape won’t last long enough because of the changing weather conditions? Get Planet Bike Gel Handlebar Tape With Reflective Bar Plugs, instead.

This bar tape is made of a material that highly resists water and fading, so it won’t easily wear off or get damaged, despite the unpredictable weather conditions. And since its surface’s specially coated with gel, it’s comfortably soft on your hands yet super durable to last for many years. Moreover, it automatically becomes firm when wet, to improve grip strength and prevent the danger of slipping.

Believe it or not, this product also has an Ultra Violet (UV) protection against sun’s harmful rays. Choose from 16 assorted colors – deep green, black cork, celeste cork, charcoal cork, cream, earth cork, fluorescent green, noche suave, orange, pink cork, red cork, sky blue cork, violet cork, white cork, and yellow cork.

Fizik Bar Tape

Is your bar tape uncomfortable on the hands? When you want to use a bar tape that’s according to your comfort preference, count on Fizik Performance Bar Tape.

This bar tape comes in three surface varieties; the standard which has the perfect balance between soft and firm, soft for those who prefer the smooth or squishy feel, and tacky for others who like to enforce strong grip for maximum steering control. Whatever type you choose, you’ll find the suitable level of comfort because it’s made of a 3-mm, expertly-crafted material. Plus, its Microtex synthetic fiber adds to its longevity.

This weather-resistant product measures 9 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 2 inches thick. It’s available in nine different colors – black, apple green, metal blue, orange, pink, red, white, blue, and yellow. It comes in two tape rolls, two extra tape strips, two bar plugs, and two finishing tapes.

What to Look For

Whether you’re a professional biker or just want to explore the great outdoors with your trusted bike, security and comfort should always be your top priorities, in getting the ideal bar tape. Make sure that such priorities are met by considering the following.

  • Composition – When choosing a bar tape, look beyond its length or level of thickness. Find out if it’s made from a weather-resistant or waterproof material so it’s not easily damaged. No matter how long or how thick your bar tape is, if it’s not strong against the harsh weather, it’s useless.
  • Features – Get a bar tape that fits your type of necessity. Are you primarily after steering control? Then you need the tacky bar tape that boosts grip. If you’re after comfort, pick the soft one. If you need the best of both worlds, get the standard type.
  • Longevity – Always get a heavy-duty bar tape. No matter how beautiful or useful your bar tape is, if it’s not made to last, you’ll end up buying a new one, over and over again, which could be waste of money.


Getting the necessary bar tape according to its composition, features, and longevity, gives you the peace of mind, excellent workout, and real happiness in exploring the unknown.

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