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Being an adult was not an easy stage for a human being. You have to work to pay your bills, buy your own food, and provide money allowance for yourself. So, after a whole day of working your ass off, every one of us deserves to unwind even for just a few minutes. Some people cook or buy their comfort food, others do things that would comfort them.

Take soaking in a bath for example, wouldn’t it be amazing to just soak away your stress and tiredness in your bath tub? Isn’t it good to smell your favorite bath soap and enjoy the bubbliness of your bath bomb? It feels really good, right? After you soak for a while, you grab your favorite body sponge and scrub away dirt and problems that came from your work, you put a face mask on your face and wait for a couple of minutes for your pores to just relax and enjoy.

After your relaxing bath, it is time now to dry off and prepare for your beauty rest. You grab your towel, rubbed your body to dry off, and found that the towel is so worn out because it’s been awhile since you bought it. Now, you realized that it’s time to buy a new one but you don’t know where to start in looking for the perfect bath towel for you.

There are a ton of bath towels out there but the softest of them all are the bamboo bath towel and we search the best bamboo towel products for you to check out and help you find the right product for you. So without further ado let’s jump into it!

Chakir Turkish Linens Towel Bamboo

Have you experienced staying at a luxurious hotel and took a relaxing bath in there? If you have, then you probably tried their ultra soft and super fluffy towels. Isn’t that amazing? Would you believe it, if I told you that you can do that at your home now? Yes, folks—all you need is the right towel to achieve that goal. For that, you’re going to love our first product which is the Chakir Turkish Linens Towel Bamboo.

This fluffy bamboo towel is made from 35% natural organic bamboo rayon fabric and 65% Turkish cotton which makes the texture of the towel super soft and fluffy. What great about this product, is it has the feel of cashmere but it also has the absorbency of a thirsty piece of cloth which means it’s so soft and silky but can still dry you off efficiently.

This luxurious bamboo towel is made from all natural materials and guaranteed that there’s no chemical mixed in it which makes this product safe for your entire family even for your precious infant. Moreover, this product is made from turkey, you can even choose from 9 different colors that this brand offers, and because of its quality it have been said that even 5-star hotels go gaga with this product.

Ariv Collection Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels

Are you having a birthday or wedding celebration that you are invited? Don’t know what to buy for a gift? Then I think the celebrant/s would appreciate you if you choose this 2nd product on our list. This product is called the Ariv Collection Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels.

This bamboo cotton bath towels is made from 30% bamboo fabric and 70% natural cotton, and because of how and what it’s made this product is just so soft and fluffy but still has the high quality absorbency making it perfect for people who have sensitive skin. Since, this bamboo cotton bath towels has bamboo fibers, this product is resistant to mildew, naturally anti-bacterial, has anti-fungal properties, and is capable of resistance to bad odor causing germs but despite all of that said this bath towel is still pretty lightweight.

Moreover, this product produce little to none lint on your body when using. How to best clean this bamboo towels? Separately wash it from other clothing items before using it the first time, and after washing you can tumble dry it to low. This product comes in 4 set of bamboo cotton bath towels, a very fitting gift for any occasion or you can just use it for yourself to achieve heavenly feel softness every time you take a bath.

Ariv Collection Premium Bamboo Towel Set

Buying towels is never easy, especially when you’re looking for different sizes of towels. Are you looking for a set? Then you’re lucky because you came across this list. Maybe you’ll want to check out our 3rd product on the list that also came from Ariv Collection. This product I’m referering to is the Ariv Collection Premium Bamboo Towel Set.

This bamboo towel set is entirely made from 30% natural bamboo fabric and 70% natural cotton fabric that gives you a high quality towel set that has a very soft and very fluffy feel to it yet still has an excellent absorbency that dries your wet body real quick. This product has a great strength because of how it’s made and will last you longer, and it does not leave lint residue that much compared to other bath towels.

Moreover it has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties which make this bath towel set resistant to mildew and bad-odor-causing bacteria. To best clean the product, just separate it from other clothing items, wash it before using it the first time, and after washing you can tumble dry it to low. This product comes in a set that includes two bath towel, two wash clothes, and two hand towels—a really perfect gift for your loved ones and a great additional to your bathroom to be used by you and your whole family.

Brooklyn Bamboo Bath Towels

Having a bamboo towel made from 30%-50% bamboo fibers is already enough to make that towel so fluffy. But have you ever tried having a bamboo towel made from 100% bamboo fiber? If not, then you are not living your life to the fullest! Let me tell you this product that would surely make each and every single bath you take, a heavenly experience. What I’m talking about? I’m talking about this Brooklyn Bamboo Bath Towels (Beautiful & Unique 3 pc set), soft, absorbent, anti-fungal, hypoallergenic, Gray (27.6 inch X 55.1 inch).

This product is entirely made from 100% premium quality organic bamboo, and it’s non-toxic because there is no chemical or synthetic material was ever mixed in the process of making this bath towels. Since it is made from 100% bamboo fabric, the texture of the product is very soft and very fluffy, and not only that but it’s also naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial so you’ll be safe from molds and mildew that would cause skin infections and diseases.

Another great thing about this bamboo bath towel is that it’s so lightweight that it feels like a second skin but despite of it being lightweight, it’s still durable and can last you longer. Moreover, the product is large and would absolutely cover your entire body, it’s incredibly absorbent that it can dry you quickly, and it’s machine-washable for your convenience.

Ibestuff bamboo Towel Set

Our last but not the least product on our list will surely impress you with its properties and quality. Here’s another complete towel set that I’m sure that your entire family will love. This product is the Ibestuff bamboo Craft ultra-soft 3 Piece Towel Set includes 1 Bath Towel, 1Hand Towel, 1 Face Towel (Dark Blue).

This product is made from high quality premium grade 75% bamboo fiber and 25% cotton which makes this towel set so soft, has an incredible absorbency, and very fluffy. The best thing about this product is that it is made from natural materials and does not contain any chemicals or synthetic product that can be toxic so you’ll be guaranteed that this bamboo towels are safe for you and your family and even for infants.

Moreover, the product is naturally anti-fungal and antibacterial because of what’s it made. The set includes a bath towel that measure 30 x 56 inches, a hand towel that has a measurement of 18 x 30 inches, and a face towel measuring 13 x 13 inches. You can also choose from 2 different color varieties which is the dark blue and the light blue. This bamboo towel set is also great as a present for your loved ones on any occasion.


Having the perfect towel for you or for your family members is essential, especially if you have a sensitive skin and whatever you want as your bath towel just make sure that you regularly wash it to avoid mildew build-up and skin infection. I hope that these product helped you in determining the right bamboo bath towel to buy.

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