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Having a family is a really big step for everyone. In order to take that step you need to fully understand the responsibilities, hardships, and the sacrifices that you need to make in order to bring your family together. If before you can still sleep late up to afternoon, then you just have to improve it because you need to wake up early in order to start the day and be productive so you can sustain the needs of your loved ones.

According to some folks, “marriage is not a hot food that if your mouth got burned then you can spit it out” and that being said, the union of two people is not a small thing and that when you experienced hardship during marriage you cannot back out of the vow you took. Having a family is not all burns and bruises, you can always see the bright side out of it like there’s someone who will make you happy each and every single day of your life, one who can take care until your last breath and love you unconditionally.

Speaking of taking care, yes it’s not an easy-pissy role but it’s fun taking care of someone. Making delicious yet healthy food for your loved ones is a great way to express how much you love them. Cooking is also fun, yes tremendous for some people, but fun nonetheless and it’s therapeutic too. There are many kinds of method to cook your food and each of them has a level of healthy dose because cooking drains most of the nutrients from a food and it is in your hands how to retain much of them.

The healthiest way of cooking food is steaming because it only kills the bacteria that are inside the raw food yet it still cooks the food retaining much of the nutrients that the foods have. So, if you are ready to add this method to your way of cooking then you better grab your steaming pot or your bamboo steamer and get to cooking! Wait, what? You don’t have one?

Oh, don’t worry about that because we will help you find one. If you are looking for something nature friendly and unique then the bamboo steamer should be your tool. It can put a touch of authenticity to your home made dim sum dish, make your regular steamed dish into a dish that have a forestry aroma and it makes your kitchen look cool. Here are the best bamboo steamer products that will help you out.

Joyce Chen 26-0013, Bamboo Steamer Set

Get ready to be amazed with this first product on our list because this one will make your heart and your pockets sing. What I’m talking about? I’m talking about this product called 26-0013 Bamboo Steamer Set from Joyce Chen. This product is designed by Joyce Chen who is a famous chef, restaurant owner, and author. This product might be a simple thing but it will amaze you with its features such us its 2-tier bamboo steamer is made from 100% pure bamboo.

It has two stackable baskets that are made from woven bamboo and a dome-shaped lid that keeps the moisture for a perfect dish you’re making. Another great thing about this bamboo steamer is that this product is specially made to be used for steaming inside a wok or over a stockpot which is great for dim sum way of cooking.

Moreover, this product maximizes the steam cooking for a healthier food because it does not use oil, fat, or grease, and each stackable basket measure about 10 inches in diameter which is perfect for your cooking adventures. Easy to clean too because you only have to use water, soap, and your hands to make this clean and ready to be used again.

VonShef Bamboo Steamer

This second product will inspire you to cook Chinese cuisine and make it feel like authentic in the comfort of your own home. This product is called the Bamboo Steamer from VonShef. This product is specially made to be versatile because this product can steam vegetables, rice, fish, and even dim dum dishes.

There are a lot of features that this set would impress you such as it has 2 tiers that lets you steam a lot of food all at the same time, and it’s made from 100% renewable bamboo material. Since it was made from bamboo the product is very durable than other brands, it is water resistant which is perfect for steaming inside a wok or over stockpot, and this product traps the moisture efficiently inside it making steaming a very easy thing to do and your dish would be perfectly moist.

Moreover, this product comes with matching bamboo chopsticks that lets you feel the authenticity even more. This product is a really great tool to add to your arsenal of cooking tools and it’s even a really incredible gift for your loved ones. How can you not be tempted with this product? For its price, I’m sure it’s a great jackpot for those who are looking for a perfect bamboo steamer.

Bamboo Steamer by HIC Harold Import Co.

Here’s another bamboo steamer product that would surely boost up the level of authenticity feeling in your homemade Chinese cuisine. This product is called the Bamboo Steamer from HIC. This product is made with 100% renewable woven bamboo. This product is a bamboo steamer specially made steam food such as vegetables, meat and fish, and dim sum dishes, and this product has a diameter size of 10 inches which is perfect for steaming food by batch.

This bamboo steamer is handcrafted from bamboo that was tightly woven together and the slats was secured by bamboo pegs which means this product does not contain any metal, wire, and even plastic. Another great thing about this bamboo steamer product is that the lid has a really great fit to the basket steamers which allows the product to keep in steam that makes the food being cooked yet still got a lot of nutrients in it and also cooking the dishes in a quicker and more efficient way.

Moreover, this product is so easy to clean, all you have to do is rinse it with soap and water by using your bare hands—so no more wasting electricity, water and soap using dishwasher.

Trademark Innovations 3 Piece Bamboo Steamer

This second to the last bamboo steamer product on our list will wow you out because of the quality and the functionality of this product. This product is called the 3 piece bamboo steamer, standard, tan from Trademark Innovations. This product is made from a renewable resource which is 100% natural bamboo, and this is why this product is very durable. It comes with two bamboo basket steamer that measures 10 inches of diameter which is real perfect for steam cooking vegetables, meats, fishes, and even dim sum dishes.

This product has 22 tiers and a domed lid that is perfectly fit and shaped to trap steam inside that allows the steamer to cook efficiently and quickly and this bamboo steamer is specially made to steam in a wok or over a stockpot. Moreover, the height of each tier is 3 inches making this bamboo steamer excellent for steaming without the food touching the layer above it and cause a mess. This product is a really perfect product to make your Chinese cuisine more authentic and fun.

Bamboo Steamer from Delighted Chef

Here’s another product that will surely amaze you with its durability and authenticity. What am I talking about? Folks, I’m talking about this thing which is called the Bamboo Steamer from Delighted Chef. This product is magnificently crafted from 100 % bamboo and it is solidly made to be extremely durable for a much longer time of use, and it is specially designed to perfectly fit to each other and over your pot.

Another great feature of this bamboo steamer is that it is very lightweight and this product can fit to most pots so you don’t have to worry about it not making it to your available stockpot or wok. Moreover, each basket steamer measure 8 inches in diameter which is perfect for cooking your dishes in batches, and this product comes with a really easy to use free food tong which allows you to pick the steaming hot food out of the steamer and in to your serving plate.

This product is a really great gift for your loved ones who likes to cook and it is also a really awesome additional to your cooking tools so you can cook and explore Chinese cuisine with a slight touch of authentic feels.


I hope these products helped you in determining the right product for your bamboo steamer that would help you cook food for your whole family the healthier way.

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