Best Balisong Knives

You might be more familiar with a balisong knife as a fan knife. This knife originally came from the Philippines and it’s a folding type of pocket knife. Some people call this the Batangas knife since it was originally made in the province of Batangas in the Philippines. This is the best knife to use for self-defense. You can keep it tucked in your pocket for safekeeping and then pull it out with a signature twist of your wrist in order to release the sharp blade from within. Here are some of the best balisong knife sold on the market.

Moon Boat Butterfly Knife

Before you can use the actual balisong knife you have to practice with an unsharpened one first. Handling a real balisong knife is no easy feat. One wrong move and you could cut your fingers. That’s what makes a balisong knife such a “macho” pocket knife. Only the best of the best can handle a balisong knife, and you can be that person with rigorous training using a practice balisong knife like this product. You can practice your tricks and achieve smooth action with this product. The price is very affordable too which is great.

TAC Force Assisted Rescue Knife

This is the real deal and you have to be careful in using this balisong knife. Although this one isn’t your traditional balisong knife, it’s still a great Western take to the well-known pocket knife from the Philippines. When you close this knife it’s only 4.5 inches long. It has an aluminum handle and a 3 inches stainless steel blade. It even comes with a pocket clip so you can keep this safely in your pocket. Although this product doesn’t have a very high rating it’s a decent one many love to keep. You can check this product out.

Icetek Sports Metal Practice Balisong Butterfly Trainer Knife

This is another training folding knife that you can use to practice your skills with a balisong knife. Using a real balisong knife is very tricky, not to mention so it’s better to try your chances with an unsharpened balisong knife like this product. It’s made of a durable metal that feels good in your hand. It has the right size and weight of a real balisong so when you do use the real thing you can be safe and keep all your fingers. This is a non-offensive blade that you can keep with you at all times.


Keep yourself protected by having the best balisong knife in hand. If you’re not adept at using a balisong knife then it’s better if you practice an unsharpened one first. Handling an actual balisong knife can be deadly, you might lose your fingers if you’re not careful. You can practice all you wanted with a high-quality training balisong knife first. Make sure that you get one with the perfect weight and size just like the real one. In choosing the product to purchase you have to check for the overall construction and the quality of the product too.

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