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Baking is both a science and art. You have to strictly follow measurements in order for you to be able to get it right. That’s why it’s important to formulate, come up, or simply follow a recipe for you to be able to make the most out of it. If you’re a beginner or would simply like to try out new baked goods, then you can choose to buy the best baking cookbook to hone your skills and make new pastries, cakes, cookies, and goodies. Here are a few of the best ones you could check out.

The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook: Sweet Treats for the Geek in All of Us by Rosanna Pansino

The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook: Sweet Treats for the Geek in All of Us by Rosanna Pansino is the #1 best-selling baking cookbook available in the market, and it’s available in kindle version or if you want something that’s more classic, in hard cover version. This is perfect for the geek in you because you get the chance to both bake up a sweet and delectable dessert and at the same time, experience a witty scientific version of it. This is good for beginner bakers as well because all of the recipes are very simple and easy to make.

The Betty Crocker The Big Book of Cupcakes by Betty Crocker

There’s not better baking cookbook in the market than the one which comes from an expert herself, it’s none other than The Betty Crocker The Big Book of Cupcakes by Betty Crocker which is available in either kindle or paperback versions. If you’re fond to learn the science of baking cupcakes, then this is the perfect baking cookbook for you. You would learn how to make 175 different cupcakes, and even get decorating ideas on how to make them your own. What’s great is that it features very simple ingredients which you could get just about anywhere.

Bouchon Bakery by Thomas Keller

The New York Times #1 best-seller when it comes to baking cookbooks is the Bouchon Bakery by Thomas Keller which is available in kindle or hardcover version. With this baking cookbook, you could whip up pastries and desserts similar to that from the Bouchon Bakery. You would get pastry and dessert recipes of both American and French descent, so you have a wide variety of recipes to choose from. Each recipe is very simple to do, so you could easily learn how to bake, even if you’re just a beginner. It’s something you’d truly enjoy to try, trust me.


There are a lot of different baked goods to try and make. All of these range from different kinds of cookies, bars, cakes, pastries, cupcakes, breads, pies, tarts, and so much more. When choosing the best baking cookbook, you should first assess your level of baking, so that you would get something that would help you to continuously improve. For example, if you’re just a beginner baker, then you should opt for something with recipes which are more simple and easy to do. What you can try to do, as well, is to focus on a specific product you’d like to try out first, so that you would be able to master making it first before delving into other kinds of recipes and baked goods. If you plan to open up a cupcake shop, or start a small home-based business, then you can start going through a cupcake baking cookbook, so that you would get a hint of what you’re going into.

Whether if it’s for your own enjoyment and consumption, or if it’s for family, friends, and gatherings, or if it’s for a small home-based business or café, having a handy baking cookbook with you is a good investment to make, especially if you’re still in the stage of coming up with new ideas and recipes to try out. You could easily make each meal better just by adding and whipping up a new dessert that your family and friends would love to try. Bring out the inner Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart in you and get yourself a baking cookbook, put on your apron and get cracking in the kitchen.

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