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Teething might be very disturbing at first because you can’t help but become paranoid knowing that germs and various forms of bacteria are all over your babies’ surrounding. However, teething is a natural part of a baby’s development.

Babies teethe because their first tooth is starting to grow. As a result, your babies either feel a slightly painful or itchy sensation, causing them to bite or munch on their toys, or typically anything that they get their hands on. To keep your babies safe at all costs, give them one of our top five baby teethers.

Razbaby Baby Teether

RaZbaby RaZ-Berry Silicone Teether / Multi-texture Design / Hands Free Design / Red

Are your babies’ beginning to feel uncomfortable due to their reddish-looking and swollen gums? Make their gum swelling go away by giving them Razbaby Raz-Berry Silicone Teether.

This baby teether is made of 100% soft silicone that’s very gentle to your babies’ sensitive gums. As a matter of fact, it has a portion that consists of berry bumps that provide a gum massaging action to reduce pain and swelling. Plus, it’s Bisphenol A (BPA)-free, so it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.

This 0.3-ounce product has dimensions of 2.2 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 1.5 inches thick. It’s so convenient that you can either use it on your babies hands-free or with a holder. You could also put it in the freezer for a cooling effect. It comes in five colors – red, blue, light blue, pink, and purple, and has a Raz-Grapes version.

Munchkin Baby Teether

Munchkin Twisty Figure 8 Teether

Are your babies starting to respond to minor noises from their surroundings? What if you frequently see them doing some simple hand-and-finger movements? If they’ve become physically active, then it’s time you give them Munchkin Twisty Figure 8 Teether.

This baby teether is surprisingly composed of cognitive elements that are essential for learning because it enhances your babies’ thinking skills and bodily movements. Actually, it has four varying types of surface for babies with specific teething preferences, while its vibrant appearance helps them distinguish the differences among colors. On the other hand, its unique rattling sound attracts your babies’ attention.

This 4.2-ounce product has dimensions of 8 inches long, 4.5 inches wide, and 2 inches thick. Its easy-to-hold-and-curl feature also boosts your babies’ grip. This way, they’ll not only be in control of their various hand movements but also learn how to exercise their hands.

Nuby Baby Teether

Nuby IcyBite Keys Teether - BPA Free

Does it take time before your babies grow their teeth? If you noticed that the teeth on your little angels’ gums are not yet fully grown even if they should, let Nuby (600) IcyBite Hard and Soft Keys Baby Teether do the job.

This baby teether consists of various and expertly layered surfaces to hasten the growth of your babies’ teeth. It also has a purICE technology, which means that you can also put it in the refrigerator to give it a cooling and relaxing sensation for your babies. Moreover, its easy-grip feature is specifically designed in a manner that contributes to hand and muscle coordination.

This 4-ounce product measures 7.8 inches long, 5.8 inches wide, and 1 inch thick. Since it’s BPA-free and excellent for exercise and brain development, it has been highly recommended by dentists. It comes in five variants; one, two, three, four, and five-piece packs.

What to Look For

With the many baby teethers out there in the market, you might think it’s simple to pick any type of teether because they’re all made for babies, anyway. While there’s a portion of truth in that, always remember that every baby’s needs vary. So, even if there’s a particular kind that catches your attention, consider these things first before you buy it.

  • Multipurpose – Teethers are not only meant for chewing as what their name suggests. When choosing a specific kind, make sure that it has other features that support both your babies’ mental and physical growth.
  • Size – Don’t buy a teether that’s too big or two small for your babies. Why? If it’s too large, your babies might not be able to hold and chew it properly. If it’s too small, your babies might accidentally choke on it.
  • Texture – Get a teether that’s neither too rough nor too smooth. Choose something that has the right combination of various textures that your babies will enjoy and help them grow their teeth accordingly.


Instead of settling for your babies’ usual toys, teethers are healthy alternatives for them to chew on. By choosing the baby teether that’s specifically for your little one based on its multipurpose, size, and texture, you not only make your babies safe, but also make learning fun for them.

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