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Miracles happen. For some people, they still don’t know it yet and for others they simply just don’t believe in miracles. But for me, they always occur in small little ways, for example is our life. We breathe, think, move, and feel and science can’t prove why it can only answer the question how. Life is a fragile thing that we always take for granted and we regret loosing. An example of miracle and life is having kids. You think that being a parent will start when a baby was born but it’s not. It always starts in pregnancy.

Pregnancy last for 9 months, and you think that being pregnant is as easy as a breeze but that’s where you’re wrong. Pregnancy can be difficult for women because of the physical changes they endure for their body to accommodate the growing baby they are having. First, there’s the morning sickness, nausea, dizziness, pregnancy headache, loss of appetite, mood swings and so on—in short being pregnant starts with you being sick to the point that you just want to punch somebody.

Few weeks pass and your baby bump starts to become obvious and that would be the start of your worrying. What kind of worrying? The kind of thing when you worry if your baby is still fine inside your body, because we can’t see the baby and we can only feel the baby’s kick inside our tummy.

There are times that the fetus inside won’t move and we can only assure that the baby is still fine when you visit the clinic and check there if the heartbeat of your unborn baby is still beating but doing that every time your baby stops moving would be a tremendous task that would make you stress out more. Thank goodness there’s a technology that would solve that issue. That solution is the fetal Doppler or what is most commonly known as the baby heartbeat monitor.

This device is specially made to monitor the heartbeat of your unborn child, and it can be portable that can be used at home or a bigger version for hospital usage. For your case, since you only want to monitor your precious unborn child in the comfort of your home, then a fetal Doppler for home use is the perfect version for you.

This device will give you a piece of mind every time you feel like there’s something wrong with your unborn child. If you are having trouble choosing the right product for you, then here are the best ones that can help you decide.

Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic

Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic - Listening to the sounds your baby makes is like music to a mommy's ears! The perfect pregnancy gift for a new mommy

Do you want a simple yet effective fetal Doppler or what we know commonly known as baby heart beat monitor? Then this 1st product on our list will make your heart scream. This product is called the Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor from Wusic. This baby heart beat monitor can allow you to hear your baby’s heartbeat, his/her kicks, and hiccups inside your tummy that will help you bond more with your unborn child.

Another feature that would absolutely impress you is that it includes a free personalized lullaby album that will sing your baby’s name, and it is very compact and portable making it easy to bring with you anytime and anywhere. That’s not all of the best part, it also has on, off, and volume control button that is so easy to operate, it has a power-on led indicator and audio sound that is super clear, and it is safe and non-invasive.

Aside from that, it includes 2 sets of ear buds for you and your husband to hear your unborn baby’s heartbeat. You’re not expecting? No worries, because even if you are not a mom-to-be then this product is a really great gift for baby showers and for your girlfriends that are expecting.

Bjingles Heartbeat Baby Monitor

Bjingles Heartbeat Baby Monitor -Listen to your Unborn Baby's Heartbeat and Other Movements

Another amazing product that will absolutely impress you is this second product on our list. This product is the Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Bjingles. This product is a very good essential for pregnant ladies who are always on the go because this fetal Doppler is very lightweight and portable that is specially made for you to monitor the activities of your unborn child, you can hear his/her heartbeats and kicks so you’ll know that your baby is alright.

Another incredible thing about this product is that it includes an access to their app the Bjingles App that is compatible for Apple and Android users and you can download the app on Apple Store or Google Play, this app allows you to play music for your baby to hear inside your tummy.

Moreover, this fetal Doppler not only allows you to hear your unborn baby but also it can let you record your baby’s heartbeat because it comes with a recording cable so your friends and relatives can also share the same happiness that you feel whenever you hear your baby’s heartbeat, and it’s not invasive so you can monitor your baby without you and your unborn baby getting uncomfortable.

This device uses 9 volt alkaline battery which is also included with the product, and it also include standard 3.5mm audio jacks. This product is absolutely perfect for parent-to-be and a great gift for those who are mom-to-be.

LANSOR Pocket Baby Monitor

LANSOR Pocket 3MHz Probe Baby Monitor LCD Backlight, Listen to and Record your Unborn Baby Sounds and Movement

If you want a more accurate shot at monitoring your baby’s heartbeat then this next product on our list will surely be the one for you. This product is called the Pocket Baby Monitor from Lansor. This product allows you to hear your prenatal baby’s activities like the movements and heartbeat, it is specially made with accurate FHR detection, it also has incredible clear sound, and it was specially designed to have a high sensitivity interchangeable probe.

Another great thing about this product is that it’s very lightweight and so easy to carry around you, you can also change the probe, and it has a speaker and a volume that you can control. Moreover, this product has an efficient design, it has a low power usage, it also features a battery status indicator, and a socket that lets you put earphone, export audio signal, and other audio device that you want to use.

Also, this product comes with a manual to guide you on how to use this device and how to pin-point the right area where you can get a more good result, and it also includes a free gel that you can use during prenatal monitoring. This product is a really great essential for pregnant women and a really perfect gift for your friends that are expecting.

Heartbeat Baby Monitor Aircity

Here’s another fetal Doppler product that exudes accuracy and gives convenience to the ones who use this. This product is the Heartbeat Baby Monitor from Aircity. This product comes with a lot of great feature that would surely ‘wow’ you and among them is the feature that allows you to listen to your unborn child’s fetal activity in full volume range.

Another great thing about this product is that you can use this product as early as 12 weeks which is 4 months of pregnancy, it also has led screen that lets you see the heartbeat rate of the fetus, and this product lets you use your earphone to privately listen to your baby’s heartbeat.

Moreover, it is so easy to assemble, it’s so lightweight that you can carry it around, and it’s also designed for indoors so you can comfortably use it at the comforts of your home. This product is a really awesome gift for baby showers or for your friends who are expecting and also a really great device on hand for mommys-to-be.

Baby Smart Sounds Heartbeat Monitor

This last but not the least product on our list is just so easy you just got to have it. This product is called the Baby Heartbeat Monitor from Baby Smart Sounds. This product is so easy to use; just turn it on, put it in your tummy where the beat of your baby is the loudest, and relax while you listen to it.

What’s really great about this product is that it includes a free gel that you can use during monitoring and it has a free manual video that lets you teach how to use this product step by step in the best way possible.

Another great feature of this product is that it can let you hear your baby’s heartbeat, kicks, and hiccups as early as 12 weeks that gives way to an early bondage between a mother and the unborn child. Moreover, you can now record your fetal activity, share it with your other loved ones, and you can also share it to your friends and relatives who are away just upload the recording on social media. Amazing! Isn’t it?


I hope these products guided you on what features to look after so you can have the perfect baby heartbeat monitor.

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