Best Baby Bottle Cooler Bag

A lot of mothers have embraced working while exclusively providing breast milk for their baby. You might wonder how that is made possible. You can utilize your pumping breaks, something that’s lawfully granted for breastfeeding mothers in a lot of states, in order to extract your golden breast milk, store it until your get out of work, and then transport it to your house where your darling baby can drink it. In order to safely transport precious breast milk, you need to place them on a baby bottle cooler bag. It’ll preserve the freshness of your breast milk.

Medela Breastmilk Cooler Set

Medela Breastmilk Cooler Set

The first product on our list comes from a notable brand when it comes to baby products as well as breast pumps. Medela released their cooler set and it’s a great day for pumping mothers all over the world. When you get the cooler set you also get three Medela breastmilk bottles that can accommodate as much as 150 mL or breast milk. It also comes with an ice pack that you can reuse. The breast milk bottles are compatible with any Medela breast pump. This cooler will keep your extracted breast milk fresh during transport.

JL Childress Bottle Cooler

JL Childress 6 Bottle Cooler, Black

Another great cooler bag you can use for your baby bottles is this product. The design of this cooler bag is meant to keep the bottles inside cool. The body of the bag is well-insulated so when you place an ice pack inside along with your extracted milk inside their breast milk bottle you can safely transport your precious milk from one place to another. You can actually place three standard sized baby bottles here. The lining of this bag is guaranteed to be leakproof and durable. It’s easy to clean and the overall construction is quite durable.

Skip Hop Grab-and-Go Insulated Double Bottle Bag

Skip Hop Grab-and-Go Insulated Double Bottle Bag, Chevron

This is another amazing cooler bag that you can use for your extracted milk. When you need to transport your extracted breast milk from one place to another you can rely on this insulated bag to provide a safe place for your golden breast milk to stay in. You can use this to keep your warm milk warm but when you add an ice pack here it’s more than capable in keeping your extracted breast milk fresh when you need to travel. The overall design of this cooler bag is quite durable and sturdy. Its price is very reasonable too.


You can continue providing your baby with exclusive breast milk even if you’re away from your baby and even when you’re working when you can safely transport your precious breast milk from one place to another with the use of the best baby bottle cooler bag. It should be well-insulated and can keep your breast milk fresh with the addition of an ice pack. The bag should have a durable lining that won’t leak especially when the ice pack sweats or the ice melts. It should be made of high-quality materials that are built to last.

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