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Are you plagued with bawling infant whenever it’s time for a bath? Perhaps you just need to give your little bundle of joy an incentive so that they don’t cry, scream, and splash about whenever you’re giving them a bath. Giving your child a baby bath toy will help them calm down, and it’ll also make bath time a fun time for both you and your infant.

However, the market is littered with a sea of baby bath toys, and it might be difficult for you to select which one to purchase for your child. Here are some excellent examples that you might want to check out to guide you in doing the right purchase.

Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys

Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys, Purple

While some baby bath toys on the market only include one plaything in the package, the Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys has four items, much to the enthusiasm of your little one. The standard package includes 1 friendly octopus and 3 three rings. You and your baby can have fun while taking a bath as you try and toss the rings around the tentacles. In doing so, it can assist your baby to develop better hand-eye coordination while the fun colors and shapes aid in stimulating your child’s senses.

Flow N Fill Spout by Yookidoo

The Flow N Fill Spout by Yookidoo is a unique baby bath toy that offers a broad range of options to make bath time more fun than ever. Babies can use the toy to draw water up through the spout to create an endless stream. You can mix-and-match the stream using three interchangeable tumblers to make for different water effects. The toy also has a swiveling arm to hold the other tumblers while they’re not in use.

Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky

Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky

The traditional rubber ducky will never go out of style, and the Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky is a perfect example of helping your child make bath time more fun than before. It has a fun, easy-to-grasp size and shape, and its water-tight construction helps keep it afloat at all times.

What to Look For?

Play time is important for infants as it develops their mental, physical, social, and emotional characteristics. However, play time shouldn’t just be limited to time spent outside of the bathroom. You can even make time for play even when you’re giving your little bundle of joy a nice bath.

When choosing a baby bath toy, the first thing to consider is the look of the plaything. You might want to choose the traditional rubber ducky, or perhaps a toy boat will suffice. Think about past experiences wherein your baby’s eyes shone. Perhaps your infant’s eyes were bright with curiosity and glee while you were watching a documentary about dinosaurs. If so, then you ought to scour the market for a baby bath toy in the shape of a baby T-Rex.

Some baby bath toys will even have extra features to make bath time, even more, fun than initially intended. For instance, some models might let your baby scoop and pour water with the use of a fun-shaped pitcher. Some toys will even come as a set to promote a common theme, such as baby sea buddies with a starfish, fishes, and other sea creatures that’ll make your child’s face shine with happiness. Some variants of bath toys for kids might even have wind-up functionalities so they can move about the tub on their own.

Lastly, consider getting a bath toy for your child that’ll enhance their imaginative skills. Imagination is an integral part of a child’s mental development, so you might want to search for toys that’ll make your baby think while they’re in the tub. In doing so, you can also have peace of mind as you wash their bodies without the child crying in anguish.


If you’re tired of trying to calm your baby down whenever it’s time for a bath, then you might want to give the child an incentive so that they’ll think bath time isn’t torturing. Giving your kid a baby bath toy is an excellent idea for parents to help their growing infants and toddlers in the development of mental, social, emotional, and physical skills.

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