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When it comes to buying consumer headset, it’s about getting the best quality in terms of bass, treble and such which provides immersive experience whether you’re using it for music or movie watching. But when it comes to professional use in aviation, the priorities are a bit different. When it comes to Aviation Headset, it’s about getting the most comfortable headset with the best noise cancellation capability as the loud engine of the airplane can damage the ear of someone in the cockpit. Furthermore, the pilot talks to passengers before, during, and after the flight which makes it important for the Aviation Headset to be as crystal clear as possible in terms of comms.

Bose A20 Aviation Headset

Bose A20 Aviation Headset (Battery-powered, NO Bluetooth, Electret mic, Straight cord, U174 plug)

For the best aviation headset, it’s about providing comfort and stability all throughout the flight while improving the overall quality by greatly reducing outside noise. Coming off as the best aviation headset, the Bose A20 Aviation Headset comes in two variants – one with Bluetooth support and the other with none. As mentioned, the main highlight is stability and comfort for the user thanks to the roomy ear foams. For listening quality, the user receives 30 percent greater noise reduction. Other features include the auxiliary audio input for other devices and functions like GPS. To cap it off, the Bose A20 Aviation Headset meets the FAA and JAA TSO standard requirements.

KORE AVIATION KA-1 PNR Pilot Aviation Headset

If you like free things, the next product comes with that. Coming off as the second best aviation headset the KORE AVIATION KA-1 PNR Pilot Aviation Headset comes with its own free carrying case to make sure you’re ready whenever and wherever you’re called for a flight. Going to the specifics, the KORE AVIATION KA-1 PNR Pilot Aviation Headset features premium noise reduction rating of 24db that protects the ears of the user while making it comfortable for the whole flight with its ultra-plush silicone gel ear seals for comfort and breathability. Furthermore, the earcups are of acoustic foam for both comfort and sound quality.

ASA HS-1 Aviation Headset

The next product will surely beloved classic and minimalist people. Coming off as the third best aviation headset, the ASA HS-1 Aviation Headset features a sleek and minimalistic design – making it the lightest aviation headset of the bunch. Coming in one black variant with almost bare-bone structure, the ASA HS-1 Aviation Headset comes also with advanced technology. The noise reduction is led by the noise reduction rating of 23db. For the clearest voice transmission, it features noise-canceling flex-boom mic for reducing background noise. Comfort will come in the form of the adjustable headband with thumb screws for accommodating eyeglasses. It weighs a relatively light 1.8 pounds.

What to Look For

Aviation headset, in essence, is basically the same with consumer headsets. Except – it focuses on other features. With consumer headsets, you’re looking for the best-looking one out there together with the best sound quality for listening which gives you the focal point of bass, treble, mids, lows – in other words, the quality of the sound in every level of pitch. But with aviation headset, the focal point isn’t about getting the most notable bass experience, it’s about the comfort level it can provide during long hours of use and the quality of the communication regardless if it’s going in or out.

That’s why when looking for an aviation headset, you have to shift your focus on two things – comfort and comms quality. Take note, if you’re one of the cockpit passengers, you’re bound to talk with each other as well as listen to other people that aren’t present in the airplane itself – all the while the engine is running at full blast which creates high and wide decibel of noise. If you’re not familiar with technical specs, that’s fine since the guidelines that we’re going to give is understandable by anyone who can read and of those people who can understand a thing or two about the world.

Since comfort is one of the important features to have when it comes to aviation headset, make sure to be able to test and wear the product before you go buy it. Check if the ear cups suits fine to your ears and doesn’t get sweaty inside after a few minutes of wearing it. With that said, comfort will rely basically on the softness of the ear cup as well as the surrounding material. Why the latter?

The surrounding material is what provides the noise reduction level which is another important feature to have here. With the background and outside noise more apparent, you should be able to listen to your other passengers in the cockpit by reducing outside noise.


When it comes to aviation headset, it’s about comfort and noise reduction level above anything else, unlike when you’re shopping for a consumer headset. That said, the best aviation headset is the Bose A20 Aviation Headset.

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