Best Automatic Soap Dispenser

Many people know that frequent hand-washing is one of the best forms of defense against infection. Washing your hands with soap and water is an ideal way to prevent sickness, and to keep germs and bad bacteria at bay. The process is even more essential when it’s cold and flu season. However, many individuals don’t bother with observing proper hand-cleaning methods if there is no sign of soap within the immediate vicinity. As such, don’t risk the health of your family and guests by installing the best automatic soap dispenser in your home.

simplehuman Sensor Pump

The feature that makes the simplehuman Sensor Pump different from the many other automatic soap dispensers on the market is its no-drip valve. This silicone valve creates a vacuum seal that can prevent messy drips. It also has a speedy dispensing functionality wherein it can easily dispense soap as soon as the device detects your hand. It can also control volume with easy-to-access buttons to make for instant volume adjustments (in case you need more soap than what it originally gave you). Lastly, this particular unit is energy efficient as it can last up to 1 year of constant use with 4 alkaline AA batteries.

Umbra Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser

The Umbra Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser is available in four designs, namely Black, Nickel, Red, and White so you can choose which look is best that can fit inside your bathroom or kitchen. It can conserve soap while reducing the spread of germs upon contact due to its built-in sensor and pump mechanism. It’ll almost immediately detect any hand movement that passes through its sensor, and it can hold up to 6 ounces of liquid soap. It does require AAA batteries to make it function, and these are not included with the standard packaging.

SimpleOne Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser

Like many automatic soap dispensers on the market, the SimpleOne Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser presents a touch-free operation for the device to dispense liquid soap. All you need to do is to place your hand under the sensor and it’ll quickly dispense soap or liquid hand sanitizer automatically. Users no longer need to worry about the spread of germs with the use of a manual handle when they have this device.

What to Look For?

A lot of people think that an automatic soap dispenser only varies in size, shape, and design. However, there’s more to the automated soap dispensing machine than meets the eye. Let’s first take a look at the materials used in the production of such a device.

Some models of automatic soap dispensers will have a metal finish such as brushed-nickel or a durable aluminum. Metal soap dispensers are generally the most durable out of the pack, and they can stay sturdy even when operating under harsh conditions wherein it’s seemingly too hot or too cold outside. Also, soap dispensers with a metal finish can last longer than any other variant on the market. If there’s proper observance of cleaning and maintenance on the device, then it’ll serve you well for a month or perhaps even years.

Another material famously used in the production of automatic soap dispensers is plastic. Unlike metal, plastic soap dispensers don’t offer a very sturdy construction, but it can still survive the usual bumps, scrapes, and constant use. So why would anyone want to opt for purchasing a plastic soap dispenser? Plastic dispensers are generally cheaper than their metal counterparts. As such, it’s an ideal choice for interested buyers who’re on a tight budget.

Aside from the material used in the production of an automatic soap dispenser, you should also think about the volume of soap it can hold. The size of the container is an essential part of the handy device as it’ll allow you to gauge how much liquid soap you can put into the product. Also, the size of the container also allows you to gauge how much liquid soap you need to purchase each time you need to purchase refills.


While many automatic soap dispensers on the market function well, there are still some things to consider before going through with the purchase. Buying the best automatic soap dispenser for your household needs is essential so that you won’t have any regrets once the purchase is complete.

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