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If you are a cigarette smoker, then an ashtray is very important in your daily life. If you’re tired of using ill-fitting cigarette ashtrays or anything you think could accommodate your cigarette ashes, then maybe it is time for you to have your own ashtray which can cater what you want. But if you’re finding it hard to choose what kind of ashtray would suit your taste, then here is a list that might help in catering your desire.

Holmes Smoke Grabber Ashtray (HAP75-UC2)

The Holmes Smoke Grabber Ashtray has a unique lid design that features a built-in multi-layered activated carbon filter that draws in smoke before it can be unconfined into the room. It also has a removable tray that is easy to clean. It is an ideal solution for homes, offices, and other gathering areas where you want to reduce the effects of the secondhand smoke you release in the room.

Stub Out Cigarette Ashtray

The Stub Cigarette Ashtray is a cup-designed self-extinguishing ashtray that glows in the dark; it can easily fit in cup holders on your car and since it glows in the dark, it is practical to have anywhere. It is also made from heavy-duty plastic materials and the lid comes off easily for easier emptying and cleaning. It is ideal for traveling businessmen or just anyone that wants to smoke while traveling but does not want to disturb others.

Round Push Down Ashtray – A32

The Round Push Down Ashtray is an airtight metal ashtray with a spinning tray that is easy to clean and can hold up your cigarette ashes to help maintain your surroundings clean from the ashes of your cigar. It can be put at home or in the office or anywhere you think it would be essential.

What to Look For?

There are some things to consider in choosing your cigarette ashtray and some of these are the following: Craftsmanship and the quality of materials. Materials should be durable, sturdy, rustproof, won’t melt or fall apart when used or washed. Functionality. It should be fit for its purpose and holds your cigar from touching any surface and your cigar butts and ashes to be kept in its place. Design. It is best if the cigar ashtray can accommodate different cigar ring sizes and can be easily washed and clean. Appealing Factor. It should not only look but also feel solid and should be attractive to use. Value for Money. A cigar ashtray is not a once-off item, so it should be worth the money you will pay for it and last for years.


If it gives you pleasure to smoke, you should not worry about hassling others with your secondhand smoke. Having an ashtray that will help you contain the cigarette smoke will really be of help. But also take note that smoking will harm your body so try reducing the number of cigarettes you are smoking. Never settle for anything less that excellent when selecting the right ashtray for your needs.

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