Best Ashtanga Yoga DVD

Need to take a break from your daily stress by enrolling in a wellness class but don’t have the luxury of time to do so? Get rid of stress even if you’re staying at home by watching our top three, highly-recommended ashtanga yoga DVDs.

David Swenson Ashtanga Yoga DVD

YOGA SHORT FORMS The Practice Ashtanga Yoga David Swenson

Want to learn the basics of ashtanga yoga peacefully? Get David Swenson’s Yoga Short Forms: The Practice Ashtanga Yoga DVD and you’ll experience just that.

This ashtanga yoga DVD has the quiet background that you’re looking for to be able to easily focus on learning your yoga lessons. Moreover, it gives simple and clear ideas about the basic yoga positions without beating around the bush.

If you struggle breathing during your yoga sessions, you’ll no longer encounter the same problem with this product because it teaches you proper breathing strategies, for each position as well.

Kino MacGregor Ashtanga Yoga DVD

Yoga for Beginners with Kino MacGregor : Ashtanga Yoga

Do you find yourself a beginner in the ashtanga yoga class but want to thoroughly know its important positions without feeling pressured? Trust Kino MacGregor’s Yoga For Beginners: Ashtanga Yoga DVD.

This ashtanga yoga DVD lets you learn the key postures carefully. As a matter of fact, it completely explains the principles governing every position in a non-fast-paced manner, so you’ll be able to understand and harness its benefits, minus the tension.

This product contains five different practices according to level, to help you learn which is which and avoid the possibility of confusion.

Richard Freeman Ashtanga Yoga DVD

Ashtanga Yoga: The Primary Series

Worried that your knowledge in ashtanga yoga might be either too advanced or too basic? Choose your level of comfort with Richard Freeman’s Ashtanga Yoga: The Primary Series.

This ashtanga yoga DVD is divided into two parts; one for those who are looking for intense yoga techniques who find themselves close to the expert level, and another for those who have only started on their yoga lessons.

This product even allows you to execute yoga positions with consideration to the direction that you should be facing. With over 70 mind-cleansing poses to try, it clearly has something for everyone.

What to Look For

If you’re one of those who has no time to go to the gym or enroll in a wellness class, getting an ashtanga yoga DVD’s for you, especially if you’re looking for an effective stress buster. But don’t just get any ashtanga yoga DVD without considering the following factors first.

  • Original Copy – When choosing an ashtanga yoga DVD that works for you, buy only the original copy. While buying a pirated copy’s a strongly tempting option, it won’t give you the full benefits of the real version. Plus, there’s a possibility for you to land on an unclear copy which might affect how you should perform the required positions.
  • Bonus Content – One of the perks of buying an original copy is you’ll be able to unlock its bonus content 100% (if there are any) as opposed to the fake version. This bonus content often tells about the history of the fitness routine or other useful positions that only experts provide. The problem with pirated copies is that they sometimes either lack the bonus content or that their main content’s entirely different.
  • No Scratches – Buying an ashtanga yoga DVD with no scratches is a very obvious yet a must factor that you should always keep in mind. Why? Scratch marks means that the disc isn’t completely new. Furthermore, it could translate to a damaged content, wherein you might sometimes encounter sound problems, or unexpected pauses while watching the video.


Getting your hands on your preferred ashtanga yoga DVD with respect to its original copy, bonus content, and no-scratches features, relieves your mind and body from stress, the right way.

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