Best Aquarium Test Kit

Does your aquarium’s water look abnormally blurry? Is your pet acting differently? Don’t ignore such changes because these might be subtle signs of something worse. Give your aquarium the proper tune up with our best aquarium test kits.

API Aquarium Test Kit

Need an aquarium test kit that helps you effectively maintain a favorable marine life for your fish? Filter the water using API FRESHWATER MASTER TEST KIT.

This aquarium test kit thoroughly inspects water credibility to prevent water contamination associated with the sudden death of your beloved pet. Moreover, it ensures that the five important water qualities are at a balanced condition.

This 8-ounce, strictly-intended-for-freshwater product measures 9.1 inches long, 4.6 inches wide, and 3.5 inches thick. It comes with color-coded cards, a user’s guide, four test tubes, a tray, and a test tube rack.

Tetra Aquarium Test Kit

Want to make sure that your aquarium water’s pH is at an optimal level? Count on Tetra EasyStrips Test Strips to do it for you.

This aquarium test kit checks the water’s pH level, to give you a proper glimpse if the water’s either too acidic or too basic for your fish. It also monitors other elements that are valuable for a sustainable marine life such as; ammonia, chlorine, and nitrate.

This 0.8-ounce product measures 6 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 1.1 inches thick. It comes in three types; the complete kit, six-in-one test, and ammonia test.

Red Sea Aquarium Test Kit

Red Sea Reef Foundation Test Kit - Calcium, Alkalinity & Magnesium

Need an in-depth analysis on your aquarium’s water condition? Turn to Red Sea Reef Foundation Test Kit and you won’t be disappointed.

This aquarium test kit features high accuracy titration tests technology to give you exact statistical readings on an aquatic environment. If your aquarium lacks some of the vital components, it’ll give you an idea as to what you must do to attain sufficiency.

This one-pound product has dimensions of 7.1 inches long, 5.9 inches wide, and 3.5 inches thick. It comes with calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium pro tests, for a holistic inspection.

What to Look For

Having your own aquarium’s no different from having a canine or feline friend around because it also helps you unwind after a very tiring day. With this being said, it’s not surprising that you consider your aquatic pet a part of your family. And since it’s already a part of your family, make it a habit to maintain its suitable aquatic environment by getting the right aquarium test kit according to the following factors.

  • Water Problem – When getting an aquarium test kit, you need to identify the specific kind of water problem that you find in the aquarium. Is it dirty or perhaps it’s less saline than how it should be? By being particular to the water problem that’s present, you’ll be able to quickly address and eliminate it right down to its root.
  • Fish Condition – When getting an aquarium test kit also check for fish condition. Are you having a hard time feeding your fish? Knowing the condition of the fish allows you to gauge the severity of the problem, so you’ll be able to proceed with the appropriate tests (or treatments), without accidentally hurting, or killing your fish.
  • Test Type – One more thing is you must accurately determine the test type that your aquarium needs. If you find it extremely difficult to pinpoint the test type that’s specific to your aquarium, buy a comprehensive aquarium test kit instead, so you could gather all the statistical data related to your aquarium’s habitability.


Picking the right aquarium test kit in regard to its test type, based on the aquarium’s water problem and fish condition, not only helps you create a clean environment for your pet but also improves your pet’s survivability rate.

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