Best Aluminum Floor Jack

Your baby needs the right attention if you want to take care of it the proper way. However, the previous statement might not be intended for your infant, but for your automobile. After all, your car is a very expensive investment, so it shouldn’t spare a second thought if you want to make sure that it doesn’t break down even before you leave your driveway.

Still, we can’t rule out the fact that even though there’s careful observance of cleaning and maintenance procedures, the automobile does decide to break down. To help with the repairs, an aluminum floor jack is a necessity.

Milestone Tools Powerzone 380044 Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack

The Milestone Tools Powerzone 380044 Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack has a rated maximum capacity of 3 tons (or 6,000 pounds), and it has a lift range of 4 inches to 18 1/4 inches. The Jack has a lightweight aluminum construction to reduce its overall weight while still promoting excellent levels of durability and strength. Users can take advantage of its quick lifting hydraulic system to lift vehicles in a short amount of time. There’s even a safety valve to help prevent overloading if the jack tries to lift beyond its maximum weight capacity.

Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack

Like the Milestone Tools Powerzone 380044 Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack, the Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack has a maximum weight capacity of 3 tons. However, it only weighs 56 pounds, which means you can safely tuck it away inside your vehicle’s trunk without worry of weighing down your automobile too much. It makes use of dual pump pistons to quickly lift vehicles, while its piston dust shields prevent any hydraulic contamination.

PITTSBURGH At The Neighborhood Corner Store Compact Aluminum Racing Jack

The PITTSBURGH At The Neighborhood Corner Store Compact Aluminum Racing Jack takes advantage of a dual parallel pump system to efficient lift cars and other vehicles from the ground. The design and overall construction of this aluminum jack are primarily made for professional race teams, and it can lift most vehicles to an appropriate working height in just about 3 pumps.

What to Look For?

Aluminum floor jacks are known for their excellent levels of durability, but that’s not the only factor you should look for when you’re searching around the market for the best unit. Start by considering what type of vehicle (or vehicles) you’ll be using the jack with; the type of car plays an essential role to choose which model to purchase.

It’s because automobiles have different ground clearances. New car owners might not yet know about ground clearance, and this term is defined as how high off the ground will be the jack point for the vehicle. The jack point is the place where the jack will come into contact with the car when you’re lifting it.

Cars that have a low ground clearance are generally the easiest to lift off from the ground. If you have such an automobile, then look for an aluminum floor jack with a decent amount of hydraulic power. However, if you have a particular high automobile like a lifted truck, then you might want to search the market for a more suitable model than a unit best suited for cars with low height.

Aside from the ground clearance, consider the weight of your car as well. When you’re scouring the market for an aluminum floor jack, you might see that they have recommended maximum weight capacities. It’s because you need to assure that the weight of the vehicle is within the maximum lifting prowess of the jack, otherwise, the device has a high risk of breaking.

Lastly, consider the build quality of the aluminum floor jack. Some jacks might have a compound metal construction with aluminum as the base metal that allows the device to become more durable than most other similar devices on the market. However, these units will generally have a higher price point than others, so you might want to check your budget if you want to go this route.


We hope that you’ve found this post useful in searching for the right aluminum floor jack for your specific needs. By now, you have a better idea on which model to purchase so that you can have a better piece of mind that the jack you choose can handle lifting your car without much hassle.

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