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What are air powered ratchets? These handy tools are excellent for loosening and tightening large amounts of nuts and bolts. Such a tool is usually not strong enough to tighten a nut or bold during the last couple of turn. Also, they don’t have enough strength to crack large nuts and bolts. So what’s that point of having an air powered ratchet?

These specially-made ratchet wrenches take all the drudgery out of doing hundreds of rotations that one nut or bolt might require. Albeit it will have difficulty finishing the job, at the very least you can make the task quicker to accomplish than before.

Ingersoll Rand 170G Edge Series Drive Air Ratchet

The Ingersoll Rand 170G Edge Series Drive Air Ratchet is equipped with a 3/8-inch drive, and it has a powerful motor that can deliver up to 55 foot/pounds of torque with 170 rpm of speed. The construction of this air ratchet is heat treated to make way for a longer life as compared to the traditional tool. An essential part of this device is the ergonomic grip, and this element does a reasonably good job in bringing adequate levels of comfort. After all, comfort is a requirement for air ratchets as many users take advantage of the tool for multiple purposes.

DEWALT DWMT70776L Square Drive Air Ratchet

The DEWALT DWMT70776L Square Drive Air Ratchet has a variable torque system that can go up as much as 65 foot/pounds of torque to assist in breaking free fasteners. It also makes use of a 160 rpm built-in motor for high-power fastening, and it has an aluminum body construction to present a high-quality build that’s sure to last for a good long while.

AIRCAT 805-HT Air Ratchet

The main trait that makes the AIRCAT 805-HT Air Ratchet special is its quiet operation. This particular air ratchet only has 84 dB of emitted sound when it’s in use. It’s like hearing a bee buzzing around your ear, or perhaps even quieter than that. This device has an ergonomic design with a contoured grip to provide comfort and ease-of-use with its variable speed trigger.

What to Look For?

Start your search for a reliable air ratchet that has enough versatility so you can utilize its characteristics for a number of occasions. For example, search for a particular model that can help you with radiator work, automotive tune-ups, and engine repairs. The torque should be at a decent level to help you in these situations, and perhaps even more.

The next factor to consider while searching for the right air powered ratchet for your repair and DIY needs is its grip. Look for a particular model that has a comfortable grip so you don’t have to complain about holding onto something that you think might injure your precious hands due to multiple uses.

Aside from being comfortable and versatile, the air powered ratchet wrench should also have a solid build quality. One of the many reasons why you’re searching for this particular device is because you want help with dozens or even hundreds of turns which you’d do otherwise when you just use an ordinary wrench. Hence, a solid construction allows you to acquire excellent value for money as you can use the device for days, weeks, or perhaps even years before it conks out. Just make sure you observe proper maintenance procedures to take care of the device so that it serves you well throughout the years.

Another factor you might consider for a reliable air ratchet is the noise of its operation or the lack of it. Some air powered ratchet wrench models have a quiet operation which is very pleasing to the ears. Other low-quality automatic wrenches are sometimes too noisy for comfort that you’d wish you wore special ear muffs while using the tool.

Lastly, don’t forget about the price tag of the tool. While some air ratchets are more expensive than others, these will usually have more features than most. However, these might put a huge dent in your budget, so make sure to get a model that fits well according to your spending allowance.


The best air ratchet allows users to gain peace of mind as they tighten hundreds of nuts and bolts in a day without the hassle of doing a turning motion with your arm over-and-over again.

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