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The traditional remote controller for TV sets allows users to navigate through its menus and channels with the use of a directional pad. To move to a different channel, users would have to press either the left or right button on the controller. Furthermore, navigating through the menu requires users to use all the directional buttons first before getting to the desired menu item.

For some, this entire process can be cumbersome, but there’s a way around it all with the assistance of an air mouse. This device works like a computer mouse, but it can work on compatible televisions.

Rii MX3 Multifunction 2.4G Air Mouse

If you’re looking for an easier way to navigate through your TV’s menu, then you might consider getting the Rii MX3 Multifunction 2.4G Air Mouse. The package includes the air mouse, a wireless keyboard, and a 6-axis somatosensory. Hence, you don’t have to bother trying to move the pointer around a virtual keyboard when you’re trying to search for a show or movie in Netflix (or otherwise) as you can just make use of the accompanying keyboard. Interested buyers should take note that the transmission distance is only up to 10 meters.

Favormates Air Remote Mouse MX3 Pro

The Favormates Air Remote Mouse MX3 Pro, like Rii MX3 Multifunction 2.4G Air Mouse, also has an accompanying keyboard in the standard packaging. It also has a 6-axis somatosensory and an infrared remote control. To know that you’re properly taking control of the air mouse, there’s an LED light that shows you it’s in operation. There are also no special installation procedures to make this device work. Just plug and play, and that’s pretty much it.

SMK-Link Gyration Wireless Air Mouse GO Plus GYM1100NA

When you want to control your TV from afar without having to deal with pesky directional buttons, then you ought to check out the SMK-Link Gyration Wireless Air Mouse GO Plus GYM1100NA. This incorporates a 2.4 GHz RF technology without troubling users of wireless transmission blocking. The remote’s functionality is not limited to 10 or 20 feet as it is still usable for up to 100 feet.

What to Look For?

When you search for a television set on the market, you’ll be met with dozens of choices that it might leave you confused as to which model to get. You might even get more perplexed once you get to see the number of air mice on the market. These contraptions come in different sizes and shapes and do note that not all air mice on the market are compatible to all TV boxes.

As such, the first and perhaps most important factor when searching around the market for a reliable air mouse is its compatibility. It wouldn’t matter if your product has all the features you require or if it’s the right price for your needs if the device won’t work with your TV in the first place.

Once you’ve searched the market for a compatible air mouse, you should seek a product that fits well in your hand. You don’t want a device that’s too large that you’ll find it troublesome to hold it with one hand. Consequently, you don’t want an air mouse that’s too small, which might be taxing for people with large fingers as they might push different buttons with a single press.

Another factor to consider when looking for the best air mouse for your needs is the weight. Some air mice on the market might look reasonably compact, but holding them in the hand might make you wish that it should stay on top of a table as a permanent piece of d├ęcor because of the heft and weight. However, there are some models that are so lightweight that you might even forget you’re still holding onto them while you’re watching your favorite movies or catching up with your weekly TV shows.

Lastly, consider the price of the device. After all, you don’t want an air mouse that’ll hurt your budget a lot, especially when you’ve just bought that fancy new OLED TV.


The best air mouse on the market helps users achieve functionality, comfort, and durability all in one package. Take the ideal examples listed in this post as the starting point for your search. Who knows, one of these air mice might even be your best pick of the bunch.

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