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Want to make sure that you have enough air supply for your next scuba diving activity? What if you need to make a few adjustments on your air compressor configuration? Getting the required amount of air’s crucial in the success of your equipment or vehicle’s performance. See to it that they stay in shape or in good running condition through the assistance of our top three air hose.

Flexzilla Air Hose

When supplying sufficient amount of air from air tanks becomes a problem due to a huge distance, count on Flexzilla Air Hose.

This air hose is made of a hybrid polymer material that’s elastic regardless of temperatures, ranging from as cold as -40 degrees to as warm as 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, it’s memory-free which means it won’t coil back to you when you put it flat on the ground. It has an air pressure capacity of up to 300 Pounds (PSI).

This five-pound product is also durable. It comes in various sizes; 3/8 X 50, 1/2 X 25, with 3/8 ends, 1/2 X 50 with 1/2 ends, 1/2 X 50 feet, with 3/8 ends, 1/2 X 100, with 1/2 ends, 1/2 X 100, with 3/8 ends, 1/4 X 25, 1/4 X 50, 1/4 X 100, 3/8 X 25, 3/8 X 35, and 3/8 X 100.

Campbell Hausfeld Air Hose

Are you having a hard time using your air hose during the Summer Season? If you’re looking for an air hose that has a wider warm working temperature coverage, then Campbell Hausfeld Air Hose is the one you should get.

This air hose contains a hotter temperature endurance from 35 degrees to 250 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the usual tear and rigidity. And since it also has an air pressure capacity of up to 300 Pounds, you can quickly finish your pumping activities without worrying about accidentally blowing things up.

This 2.8-pound product that measures 25 feet can even withstand the tests of time because it’s infused with a Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) coating to enhance its longevity and elasticity, no matter the weather. With Campbell Hausfeld Air Hose, handling any type of air compressor is no more than a piece of cake.

Goodyear Air Hose

Does the outer part of your air hose become dry and brittle? You can’t keep on using an air hose that has a slowly deteriorating state because its performance might be compromised. As such, you need help from Goodyear Rubber Air Hose.

This air hose is made of a solvent-resistant outer part that greatly withstands, water, oil, and other harsh elements of nature, to maintain its appearance and function. Speaking of function, it has an air pressure capacity of up to 250 Pounds (PSI) that operates from -40 to 190-degree Fahrenheit range, and has a burst limit of 1070 which makes it highly useful as well.

This 3.7-pound product has a spiral synthetic yarn component and brass fittings for a secure connection to different air compressors. With Goodyear Rubber Air Hose, you get the perfect balance between durability and functionality in creating all sorts of projects.

What to Look For

Whether you offer scuba diving lessons, own a gasoline station, or simply want to put the right amount of air on your tires for a smooth ride, choosing the right type of air hose helps you distinguish real safety from disaster. That’s why, it’s always important to check these factors when buying your own air hose.

  • Surface – Is the air hose’s surface perfectly smooth or do you see some scratches when you put it against the light? If you noticed that there’s a slight damage on the air hose, don’t buy it because air will only slip through its cracks, which only makes it useless.
  • Air Pressure Capacity – Always know how much air it can hold. If you’re not aware of your air hose’s air pressure capacity, you might end up putting either less or more air volume than what’s necessary. As a result, you won’t be able to maximize its benefits.
  • Usage – Find out how you could properly use your air hose because if you don’t know how to use it, you’ll just destroy it and waste your money.


Purchasing your ideal air hose with regard to its surface, air pressure capacity, and usage, helps you take advantage of your air hose’s purpose and prolong its life span.

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