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Are your kids used to playing digital games at an early age? Too much exposure to such could lead them to isolation and ruin their eye sight. Why not give them an air dry clay for a change? Not only will it boost their learning development but also foster their social interaction with you and others. Have a look at our top three air dry clay recommendations and choose the one that you see fit for your kids.

Crayola Air Dry Clay

Does your clay dry longer than expected, that you and your kids can’t quickly display your creations? When wet and stickiness get in the way, turn to Crayola Air Dry Clay.

This air dry clay is made of a fast-drying formula allowing it to quickly solidify without the sticky feeling, while letting you put finishing touches on it. In fact, it saves you more time and effort than the usual because you no longer need to put it in an oven. And since, it has a huge bucket container where you can keep the extra or remaining clay, you don’t have to bother putting some on separate jars or cans.

This five-pound product that’s great for art projects measures 12.9 inches long, 12.9 inches wide, and 6.2 inches thick. It’s made from white earth clay that’s elastic enough for you to mold into different shapes, sizes, and patterns.

AMACO Air Dry Clay

Worried that your kids sneeze and scratch their hands after holding and molding their clay? It’s time you switch to AMACO Air Dry Clay.

This air dry clay is made of non-toxic chemicals that makes it completely safe for your kids so they won’t have any allergic reaction which might because a serious health risk, when over looked. Not convinced? Don’t worry because it abides by ASTM D-4236 code, meaning it has passed the safety standard evaluation of the Labeling of Hazardous Art Materials Act (LHAMA).

This 25-pound product has dimensions of 12 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 7 inches thick. It also dries quickly and evenly so you won’t be bothered by the wet and sticky feeling. Plus, it’s elastic which makes it easy to mold or use in pottery, or other art classes as well. For extra artwork durability, use it with paint and shellac sealer.

Sago Brothers Air Dry Clay

Do you and your kids often end up getting dirty after molding clay? When you don’t want to strain yourself from thoroughly giving yourself and your kids a bath after every playtime, count on Sago Brothers Air Dry Clay.

This air dry clay is made of a non-messy component that doesn’t smug or smear the skin. Come to think of it, it completely doesn’t leave annoying traces to keep you and your kids looking neat and clean. What’s also to love about it is that it’s incredibly soft that you won’t experience any trouble molding it according to your spirit of imaginative play. It’s even harmless because it’s ASTM D-4236 and CE (EN-71)-approved.

This product measures 7.1 inches long, 6.4 inches wide, and 5.1 inches thick. It comes in a 24-piece pack in 24 assorted colors, with decorating and shaping tools, clay bags, and a project or art booklet.

What to Look For

Getting the right kind of air dry clay is a great method to bring back the traditional way of leaning because it helps your kids physically interact with you. Make the most out of it by keeping these factors in mind when you plan on purchasing one for you and your little ones.

  • Texture – Is your air dry clay too soft or too hard for molding? Make sure that your air dry clay has the right amount of softness and hardness for quick and easy manipulation. Furthermore, pick the one that’s fast drying to help you save effort while spending more quality time with your kids.
  • Color – Is your air dry clay only available in one color like black or gray? Since you’re on a quest searching for a good air dry clay, pick something that already comes in different colors. Why? This stimulates your child’s visual development because it helps him or her recognize color differences.
  • Non-Toxic Quality – Always check if your air dry clay has passed the international safety standards of the manufacturing industry. By doing this, you know that your kids won’t be exposed to various chemicals that might be lethal to their health.


Buying a suitable air dry clay based on its texture, color, and non-toxic quality can demand a bit more of your time and attention but it yields a priceless reward of establishing a personal bond with your kids, as well as enhancing their sensory development, which’s responsible for proper learning.

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